How To Get Email Ids From Your Gmail Folders

If you want to extract e-mail address from your Gmail account, you can use a Google Script to get Emails. You may extract addresses from every single message in your Gmail mailbox or it can sift through emails that are tagged with a particular label or folders. The extracted email addresses are saved in a Google spreadsheet that you may either download as a CSV file for importing into your mailing list program or you can use that raw list as an input for Mail Merge.

If you wish to create email marketing campaign for your clients that are not in your Google Contacts address but have been in touch with you previously over emails, the Sender’s List can here work as a time saving option.

To begin with, create a copy of the email extractor Google sheet in your Google Drive and enter the name of your Gmail folder in next cell. You can also use inbox for extracting addresses from mails that are in your inbox, sent for mails that you have sent, starred for just the important emails or all for processing all messages. Script will pull email addresses of senders from messages tagged with a particular label and export them to the Google Sheet.

The script needs to track messages that have been processed, it applies a new label to these messages and the default name of this label is AddressExtracted. You also have the option to change the name of this label. Now you may choose the Gmail Addresses menu in the Google sheet and select Initialize. To begin the extraction process, grant the script access to your Gmail mailbox and then choose Start from the same Gmail menu.

Google script is now running in the background and depending on the size of your Gmail folder, it accordingly takes time to complete. You may close the Google sheet and it will send you an email once the extraction is complete. You can then use the Remove Duplicates option in the Gmail Addresses menu to filter out all the duplicate email addresses from the final list.

If you are looking forward to extract addresses from another Gmail label, just create a new copy of the blank sheet and repeat the steps. Just choose Gmail->Uninstall to stop the background script from running. Therefore with the email extraction script, you can get  the sender’s email address.

Note: Please remember that Gmail label names are case sensitive.

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