How To Know The Creation Date Of Your Google Account

Almost everyone who uses internet has a Google account. If your Google account gets hacked or if you are unable to login into your Gmail account because you no longer have to access your mobile phone number or alternate email address, then in such case Google will require you to answer a few security questions for your account restoration. The three questions are as follows:

1. When you have created the Google Account?

2. What was the last password you used to login-in to your Google Account?

2. When was the last time you were able to login in to your Google Account?

All the above questions are mandatory and if you are not sure about the exact dates, you can provide your best estimate. Hence it is suggested that you make a note of Google account creation date at a secure place. To get this information, you can open your Gmail mailbox, switch to “All messages” and note down the timestamp of the welcome message from Gmail. If you have deleted that email message, then here is how you can find out the date when you first created you Google or Gmail account.

  • Visit, sign-in with your current or existing Google Account and click on “Create an Archive” button.
  • Click the “Edit link” alongside the Google+ circle option on the next page.
  • Now click the link called “Transfer your Google+ connections to another account”.
  • Google will once again ask for your account password. Sign-in and on the next screen, you’ll see your Google Account creation.

By following the above steps, you can easily recover your lost Gmail account.

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