How To Lock iPhone With Any Password Of Your Choice

If you’re an iPhone owner, chances are that you’ve already set a 4-digit password to prevent everyone accessing your phone. Whether it is friends, family or for extra shield in case you lose it, a passcode on your iPhone can protect your data.

Apple iPhone Passcode

Before the arrival of iOS 4, the only option for iPhone security was to add a passcode to your device and make sure that auto-lock was enabled. The passcode system, which still exists is a user-defined four digit number which once entered correctly, lets a user access to a locked iPhone.

For the majority of users this numeric-only passcode is a enough measure for keeping unwanted hands off your iPhone. For those who require a little more protection, iOS 4′ s new feature of password feature can offer tremendous benefits. Let’s see how to activate the iPhone new password protection.

1. Settings:

You’ll find a grey symbol with a cog on it inside your app drawer. This is Settings which you’ll have to open from inside and select General. Under General, you’ll then need to select Passcode Lock settings.

2. Switch Off Simple Passcode:

In Settings it’s likely that you’ll have Simple Passcode switched on. With this choice turned on, a four digit number passcode will be used.

3. Select Your New Password:

Once you’ve turned off the Simple Passcode, the iPhone Settings will let you to enter in a new password of your selecting. Here you’ll have the full keyboard to choose. It means you’ll have letters, numbers and symbols to enter a more detailed password.

Apple has even included the special characters, so if you want to use a letter with an accent over the top, feel free to use it. Your password will require to fall somewhere in between 5-12 characters. It can be a combination of letters, numbers and symbols, letting you to make the most complex and most secure combinations.

4. Select Your Other Settings:

There are several settings you can work around with in here as well. Ensure to change your settings to your liking. Choices include the timer of when your phone should lock or when you want the phone to remove data.

5. Make Sure That It’s Working:

You can now lock your phone, but ensure that you’ve memorized your password. You can check to make sure that your password is working all right.

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