How To Make Money With 7Search and CPA Offers

I made a couple of friends at Affiliate Summit West 2012 who were pretty new in the affiliate industry. We were hanging around the Peerfly booth and one of these guys was asking about where to get traffic for their offers. This question is pretty common and there are so many answers to it. When people start with affiliate marketing, they jump on paid sources like Google AdWords for traffic. Google AdWords is the best traffic source but it is costly too. Also, there are a lot of restrictions and guidelines on what you are promoting, the ad copy, landing page etc. Lot of people spend money on AdWords and quit affiliate marketing because they lose money. There are tons of options apart from Google AdWords and one of them is 7Search. 7Search might not have huge quantity like Google but it does work very well for a certain type of CPA offers.

In my opinion Peerfly is the best network right now for email and zip submit offers. They have tons of other offers as well but I really like the variety of zip and email submits they have. I have worked a lot with the 7Search advertising network and have always found success by promoting zip and email submit offers with them. Here is my step by step guide on how you can make money with 7Search and email submit offers:

1. Look for a nice email or zip submit offer. I usually prefer top brands like walmart, apple, Dell etc. Here, we will take an Apple iPhone 5 offer to promote. This offer converts on a simple email first page submit which means we will get paid once someone visits our landing page, enters his email address and submits it. This is an important step in choosing an offer because offers that convert on first page submits usually work well. So make sure you see on what page does the offer convert. Here is the screenshot of how it looks like on Peerfly:

iphone 5o offer

2. You will get a link which you will have to promote to make money. Make sure that you are using the right link else your account won’t be credited. Peerfly affiliate links usually look like these – Here 1111 is your affiliate ID so make sure your link has it.

3. Now its time to head over to and login to the advertiser panel. If you do not have a 7Search account, create one using this link. The minimum deposit is only $25 and with this guide you should be able to recover it pretty soon.

4. Once you are logged in, click on campaigns and then click on ‘Create Campaign’. Here is an example of how your campaign and ad will look.


In the destination URL I have added ###KEYWORD### which is nothing but my sub id. This will help us know what keywords are getting clicks so that we can filter out the non converting ones. The most important option here is to target customers by geographic location. Most of these offers will work only for residents of a specific country so we need to make sure that we send traffic only from that country.

5. After creating the campaign, we need to enter keywords. These are the keywords which will target our iPhone 5 ad so we need to make sure all keywords are relavant. 7Search has a nice keyword suggestion tool which will help us find relevant keywords. This is how it looks:


Here, I entered the keyword ‘iphone’ and clicked on Get Suggestions. The 7Search keyword tool gave me relevant keywords along with the estimated searches per month with clicks and the bid price.  You can see that the bid prices are less than 10 cents for most of they keywords which is a good sign.

6. Now, just follow the on-screen directions to submit your keywords and you are done.

Optimizing The Campaign

You can see that I have set a budget of $10 per day for this campaign. You can set any budget as per your needs and see what keywords are performing for you. The idea here is to keep keywords that are performing well and remove the ones that are not. You may also try adding more keywords and test those. I have seen some weird keywords perform well on campaigns so test them all. You never know which one will make the real difference.

You might or might not see profits from day one. In most of the cases you won’t see profits for few days. Filtration of keywords is the key here so make sure you remove the ones that are not performing well. You may also try to change the ad a bit to see which ads performs better. It’s all about testing and sticking to the one that is working. Good Luck!

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  1. This is gold! I don’t see many affiliate marketers give out such valuable information. Your blog is like a hidden gem Harshad.

  2. Hello Harshad, I am using 7search network really this is very good PPC marketing system same like Google. Thanks for sharing nice information.

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