How To Print Video From YouTube Site

YouTube is a well-known video hosting site, which allows you to share videos with others. It has become the leader in online video sharing websites and gets tremendous amount of traffic. When you are watching any video on the YouTube site, the storyboard for that particular video is automatically downloaded in the background. If you want to print any video, then bookmarklet assembles all these storyboard frames as one large picture.

To start with, drag the below Bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar. Now open any video on YouTube, click the bookmarklet link and it should quickly generate a storyboard for that video which you can also print or save as PDF. The storyboards provides visual summary of videos and you can produce them for short videos and complete movies on YouTube site.

Print YouTube Video

To print videos, YouTube follows the technology used to website.The site allows its users to print GIF animations as flipbooks, but now site is no longer available.

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