How To Retrieve Saved Password From Filezilla

Filezilla is a well known free FTP client which is used by webmasters to upload files from the local system to FTP and vice-versa. There are several other FTP clients available like FireFTP and Cyberduc, but web administrators mostly prefer FileZilla for uploading and downloading files.

Filezilla Client

In FileZilla, you can save the FTP login details of multiple sites. It means, you don’t have to enter the credentials every time you wish to login. To do this configuration, go to site manager and choose the website in which you want to login and then connect.

But, what will you do if you want to see the saved password in FileZilla site manager? Fortunately, there is a method to see the stored passwords in FileZilla. Just export the site manager entries and you’ll be able to see the saved password.

Step To See Saved Password in FileZilla:

1. First, go to FileZilla client.

2. Click on File Menu and choose ‘Export’ option.

3.  After that a dialogue box will appear, you have to choose “Export Site Manager entries” and then click on OK button.

4. Now it will ask you to choose the location to save the xml file. Pick the file location where you wish to save the xml file.

5. Now open the saved XML file in notepad. In the XML file, you will see all the FTP details you have saved in FileZilla.

6. Choose the Host and find the saved password between the <pass> </pass> tags.

In case you forget your FileZilla password, you can try this simple way to see saved password in FileZilla. No need to visit cpanel to reset the FTP password.

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