How To Save Yourself From Getting Scammed

Scams are everywhere nowadays. With so many people connecting and sharing information online, it is now very easy to scam or fool people. I think I have this ability to smell a scam quickly. Earlier, I had written about scams on this blog and it was shocking to know that people I know closely have fallen for these scams. The most famous was the Speak Asia scam. I had hard time explaining people how the entire thing was a scam. I almost lost 2 friends when I wrote  about Speak Asia. Now, they don’t want me to talk about it when we meet. 🙂

How To Save Yourself From getting Scammed

Its 2015 now and things have moved rapidly. Almost everyone has a facebook account and people log on to social networks like facebook and twitter to get at least news updates. With all this information and resources, lot of people are still getting scammed online and offline. This happens everywhere and I have saved myself twice here in Australia by getting scammed. So how to save yourself from such scams? Only a few precautions and alertness can save you from getting scammed. Lets have a look at them.

  1. Too Good To Be True – If anything sounds ‘Too Good To Be True’ then chances are very high that it is a scam. Don’t think you are an idiot and don’t know things. Deep down under if you get a smallest of clue that this cannot be true or can be scam then stop yourself.
  2. Search Online – If you are at an event where someone is trying to sell you something and you are really excited to swipe that credit card of yours, stop for a minute. Take your phone and browse the Internet. Type the persons or company’s name followed by words like ‘scam’ ‘fraud’ and see what people are saying. Your best bet would be forums where many people post their experiences. Keep your credit card inside and tell the seller that you need a day or two before you buy their product. Go Home, do some more research and you will be happy for not purchasing the product. Lot of times, companies change names. So do a research on the company owner or affiliated people and do a research on them. Its easy and can save you your hard earned money.
  3. Limited Time Offers – Often, scammers use these tricks of telling people that its a limited time offer, it wont be available after 2 hours etc. Don’t fall for these tricks. Most of the times, the people that you see buying or signing up for such things are also fake. Yes, its all a show created for people like us to fall for the scam. When you tell the seller that you will get back in a day, you will get a response saying that the offer is only for today. Just assume that you are unlucky today and walk off. These offers are never limited. Call them 100th day after they met you and the offer will still be active. In fact, the rates will be lesser too.
  4. Don’t Look At The Hero, Its The Side Actors Who Do It – Nowadays, you will see lot of famous personalities around the scam that is being promoted. These personalities are never officially connected to the scams. They be there for a fat cheque and have nothing to do with the scam products that are being sold. This is often done to fool people in believing that the famous person was promoting the product. If you dig in to the legal aspects and read all the fine prints, you will be shocked to see that the person is not involved whatsoever (legally of course!). Often, a big event is advertised with someone reliable and famous on the advertisement and people attend the event to see or hear this famous person. But, there will be a few snake oil salesmen who will come on the stage. So stay away from them.
  5. Ask Questions – Questions are never silly. Ask them about the bad reviews people have written. Ask them why this is called as scam. Ask them whatever questions you have. If they don’t answer you, then it is likely to be a scam. If the answer is not convincing, scam alert!

Following all or just a few of the above can save you from a scam. The best one being ‘Online Search’. The Internet is huge these days and almost everything has its reviews.

Have you fallen for any scam. Do share and help people save their money.

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