How To Secure Your Sent Attachments In Gmail

Gmail is the popular email service offered by Google and many people use it to send/receive emails on regular basis. Most of the features are very much helpful, but people have raised their queries in the past over the attachments on sent email. To overcome this concern, a Chrome extension called docTrackr is available for Gmail.

Secure Gmail Attachment

About DocTrackr:

DocTrackr is a Chrome extension for Gmail service. It permits users to remotely track access or destroy Gmail attachments. Users can also add view, print and copy permissions to each PDF attachment for restraining any misuse by their recipients. In other words, docTrackr is a total document Control Software which is ideal to Secure Gmail Attachments.

How to Use DocTrackr on Gmail?

Firstly, you have to install the docTrackr extension on your Chrome browser. After that, login to your Gmail account and open compose message window where you will be able to see a secure attachment button known as Secure with docTrackr, just next to the default attachment symbol.

By clicking on this button you can send the file with your required permissions preset. When you click on the button of Secure with docTrackr’ for the first time, a sign up form will appear asking your email address and password for creating an account with the service. Users who already have an account of docTrackr can use Login button to sign in.

Once the file is attached, click on the Send button in the Compose window then a small pop up window will be seen where you can specify the access type through the check boxes. From here, you can set the various permission types for each and every attachment like only view, print and view or print and edit etc. ‘Can View’ option is always chosen as default.

You can also include an expiration date for the attachment just by clicking the given calendar field. This is a very helpful feature to display your attached file till a specific date to recipient. After completing all type of permission set ups, click on “Secure & Share” button to send your message.

The most interesting features with this extension is that you can track everything relevant to your attachments from your docTrackr dashboard when the email is viewed, file accessed or downloaded by the recipient. You can get the location information and activity whenever your document will be accessed by the recipient. You can also enable or disable access to the document manually.

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