How To Share Videos Using Twitter’s Vine App

Last month, Twitter launched an app called Vine for iOS which allows you to share & capture videos. Vine is a standalone app for twitter that provides you to record 6-seconds looping videos & combine those six seconds of video into smaller video clip. It is also called as the Instagram for video. Now, let us see some other important features of Vine app.

Vine App

Features Of Vine App:

The user interface of Vine is very similar to Cinemagram. Vine interface contains Home, Explore, Activity and Profile tabs. Following are the functions of each tab:

Vine App

You can select Popular Now, Editor’s Picks or All Posts from explore tab, or else you could search by trending topics preceded by ‘#’ tag such as #entertainment, #sports or #food. You can also search people for any specific type of video. I tapped #entertainment to see the videos people had posted with the ‘#’ tag, and I was really amazed when I saw so many videos posted by the people from different parts of the world. The Popular Now feeds and Editor’s Picks is still getting updated. In All Posts, you can see every recently uploaded post from the users of Vine. Your can see your videos as well as your’s friend’s video, once you add your friend on Vine. You can comment or like their videos, as well as you can report them as inappropriate.

The Activity tab shows your activities, including who’s following you and who commented or liked on your videos.

Vine App

On selecting the Profile tab, you will see the personal information. You can update the name, location, email, tagline, phone or password. In addition to that, you could connect to Facebook or invite people via email or text. You will not see any option to make your profile privately secured, so anyone can follow you. From the profile tab, you can also delete your old posts.

Vine App


Searching People:
The “Find People” option allows you to search friends on Vine via address book using twitter. I tried searching the users with the first name, and saw the list of search results where I can follow any of those people. I think there should be a notification to confirm and deny followers in case you don’t know that person. You can select People icon on the top-right of the screen to search for friends.

Vine App

How To Make Videos In Vine:

Select the Camera icon from top right handside corner on the Home screen. To record a video, hold your finger on the screen. You should hold your finger on the display for 6 seconds of the video. Since Vine only records when your finger is on the screen, you can create videos with three different focal points. As long as you keep the video in progress open, you can exit out of the app and use your phone for other functions, and then return to the video later.

Once you scroll down to see the feed of videos, you could hear audio of each videos, and also an audio of our own videos clearly. This is indeed a better feature than Cinemagram. When you tweet your videos, you could select either mute or unmute, so that your audio is clearly audible.

In each recording you can control as many sub-videos you want along with the length of each video as well. The video function is user friendly, However, you can’t delete individual clips within the same video once you resume your recording.

The duration of videos can be upto 6 seconds, they can be as short as per your convenient. Videos does get looped automatically, but you can stop it by tapping on the video.

Sharing Videos:

You can share videos on the social networking sites like Facebook, twitter or Vine itself. On twitter, a tweet will be linked to the video, and also you could view the media within the tweet. On Facebook, the video will appear on the bottom of the profile page. While in Vine, the video appears at the top of the profile page.


Vine App

How to get the Vine App:

Currently Vine is freely available, you can download the app from here. Vine is available only for iPhone users, however an Android version will be launched very soon.

My Opinion:

One thing which I observed while using Vine app is that all pages takes a bit of time when it is loaded for the first time. But overall, Vine is simple & easy to use app to share the videos.

Do share your thoughts on Vine app.

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