How To Transfer Music Files From iPhone To PC

It’s a known fact that it’s easy to obtain music into iPhone with iTunes, but it’s almost unfeasible to have them send from your iPhone. Apple has set restrictions on transfer between between devices. However, there are some apps that promise to allow you copy music and other files from an iPhone.

Transfer Music Files From iPhone To Computer

Considering the simplicity in mind, iOS Transfer would be one of your best options. It will allow you to copy music from your iPhone to computer easily without any restrictions. You can also transfer music from iPhone to new iPhone as well.

Transfer Music From iPhone To Windows PC:

1. Install iOS Transfer on your Windows PC :

Download and install the Windows Version of iOS Transfer on your computer, connect your iPhone to your computer with USB cable. The transfer will sense your iPhone as it’s connected. Ensure that you have iTunes installed before transfer between iPhone and PC. Now, your iPhone will be shown in the primary window. iOS Transfer supports iPhone 5s/5 and iPhone 4 series.

2. Transfer music from iPhone to computer:

On the main window, click “Music” tab on the left. All the music files on your iPhone will be displayed on the right side. After that, you can choose the music on your iPhone. Click the Checkboxes before the songs. When everything is done, Click “To PC”.  After that, select the path to save music files on your computer.

With this transfer, you can transfer music easily between iPhone and computer without restrictions. Also, you can backup your music to your computer when your iPhone is out of space so that you don’t have to delete your favorite music on your iPhone.

Transfer Music From iPhone To Mac:

1. Install iOS Transfer on your Mac:

The application is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9. Download and install the Mac version of iOS Transfer.

2. Connect iPhone to Mac:

Now connect you iPhone to your Mac. iOS Transfer would identify your iPhone model automatically. iPhone 5s/5c/4S and other models that runs in iOS 7/6/5 are fully compatible with this software.

3. Transfer iPhone music to Mac:

Once the software detects your iPhone, the main window will be displayed. Tap the Music at the left column. At the new window, all the songs you have in your iPhone would be listed. Click on Checkboxes of the songs you want to transfer then click “To Mac”. A window will come; select the folder path where you want to save the songs.

Note: It is mandatory to install iTunes on your Windows or Mac system, in order to transfer music between the devices. Apple has set a lot of restrictions within it. Therefore, you can’t process without iTunes.

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