How and Why To Create Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages or Facebook Fan pages can be very important if you run a business. The business can be anything  for eg. restaurant, shop, manufacturing company or any other business that provides a service. Facebook pages can also be of great help for artists, bands, social service organizations etc. Let us understand what is a Facebook Fan page and how to create it.

What is a Facebook Fan Page?

A Facebook Fan Page is like your mini website hosted for free on The Facebook Fan Page helps you to communicate with you and your fans for free. The URL of a Facebook Page looks like this Not many know this but you can change this URL to something very simple like

Why should any business have a Facebook Fan Page?

In todays world it is very important to communicate with your customers and prospects to understand their needs and serve them accordingly. A classic example is The Pop Tates Facebook Fan Page. I am a fan of this page because Pop Tates is my favorite place to hang out. These guys do a very good job in communicating with their fans using the fan page. For example look at the image below taken from their fan page:

Pop Tates Facebook Fan Page

You can see that the person managing the page has asked if Pop Tates should start serving Tiramisu (Italian Cake). Among 6000+ fans, 31 of them said they like it and 45 others have commented saying yes they would love to have the cake. This makes things pretty clear. Soon, you will see Tiramisu being served in Pop Tates. In this manner, the owners can reach out to their customers and ensure that whatever they serve is good. Lot of people may also give bad comments, complaints etc. which will only help Pop Tates to improve their service. Personally contacting a person with bad experience can do wonders.

Similarly, you can also use Facebook Fan Pages to communicate information about your business. You can inform everyone about latest events, discounts, upcoming products and anything you wish. All the updates posted by the page admin are also shown on the wall of  every fan (unless someone has opted to hide it). Unlike advertising on the Internet, a Facebook fan page helps you communicate with your target audience. In the example above, a person who does not like Pop Tates won’t be a fan and will not see updates from Pop Tates. So the 6000+ fans will be more eager to see updates as they love the place, food etc.

How To Create a Facebook Fan Page?

Creating a Facebook Fan page is very simple. I have come across people who pay hundreds of dollars to create a Fan page. I think reading this will help those guys save the money. To create a Facebook Fan Page all you have to do is follow this link You have to be logged in to your Facebook account which you can get for free. Once you are on the Facebook Page creation screen, just follow the page creation steps and thats it. You have a Facebook Fan page which you created for free. Start adding pictures, posts and other information to your fan page as you would do to your profile.

So if you think you are in need of customers, partners, helpers, like minded people etc. then go create a page for your business and start communicating with them without spending a penny. In my future posts, I’ll show you how to add more fans to your page by spending little or no  money.

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