How I Get High Conversions For Dating Offers

Lately, I have seen lot of people ask me about tips on promoting dating offers. Affiliate Marketers are spending lots of their money on dating ads but not many are able to make good amount of profits. Dating is a very strong vertical when it comes to affiliate marketing and I would say it’s the creativity that keeps you separate from the crowd. Direct linking or copying others might work for some time but not in a long run. Uniqueness is something that will always make you big money if you want to stay in the dating niche. This topic was pending in my list since long time so here are a couple of quick tips that work for my dating offers. Hope it helps.

How To Get High Conversions For Dating Offers

Use of Images:

CTR is very important when we create ads on POF or Facebook. Higher CTR means lower CPC which means higher profits. Hence, it is very important to get your CTR high on ad networks. Using proper images will get you more clicks and get you a higher CTR. Before selecting an image or creating an ad copy, just imagine what kind of images would attract you as a person. I had a client who was using professional pictures of models for his campaign and his CTR was very low. We changed just the pictures for all his ads and the CTR was out of the roof.  My experience says that using amateur pictures for your ads will always get you more clicks. If you are still not sure of what kind of pictures you want to use, then have a look at female profiles on dating and social networking websites. An amateur picture of a girl holding a phone camera in front of the mirror works much better than a model with a professional photograph. Trust me, no one cares if the Girl in the picture is very pretty. Just make sure that the picture looks real and half the job is done.

Use of Landing Pages:

I have seen lot of Affiliate Marketers get their ad copies and pictures right but then the landing page is a big zero. Imagine a teen girl in front of a mirror with a cam in her hand. You click the ad to see more pictures of her and all you get to see is a professional dating site asking you to sign up. This is a BIG turn off and no one is going to sign up. Here, we need to think from a teenage girl’s point of view and create an amateur landing page. Now don’t buy a nice domain name and create a good-looking WordPress blog as a lander. Instead, create some ‘not so good looking’ pages on free sites. Put a couple of pictures and then insert a link which says for more info or pictures. This will be your link to the offer page so make sure you act a bit smart here. Sentences like these have worked for me:

  • I am unable to load more pics here so please visit here.
  • Check me out on this dating website.
  • You can also find me on
  • Be my friend on Facebook (for FB apps).

These are a few lines that I have used successfully. You can obviously be more creative and use your own ideas. Wrong grammar and spellings can do wonders if you use it properly.

The main idea in dating ads and landing pages is to be as simple as possible. Don’t waste your time and money on high quality deigns or pictures. Simple pages and images look real and will give you more leads for sure. Good luck!


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