How To Spy on Facebook Ads

Facebook is the place for lot of Affiliate Marketers. Lot of people who start with affiliate marketing start their campaigns on Facebook. When you choose a traffic source like Facebook, it is very important to see what is working there. Spying on what others are running can help you choose your demographics and offers.

There are a few paid tools available using which one can spy on Facebook ads. But lately, people are complaining that these tools are not accurate. So what do we do? We check out the Facebook ads manually. Now the problem is that we can check out ads which are targeted towards us. For eg. I would get to see ads which are targeted for Indian males of my age when I am on Facebook. What if that is not my target audience? I want to check out what offers people are running for men in US. What do we do in such a scenario?

Following are the steps that can help you to spy on the ads:

How To Spy on Facebook Ads

Create a Facebook Profile

First, we will have to create a fake Facebook profile. This profile will have the age, location, interests etc. as per the demographics I want. So if I want to check out what ads are people running for Men in their 30s who are in US, I would create a profile with age around 32 with country USA. You can always change the profile details whenever you want to spy on ads for different demographics. This means you can use the same profile to spy on different ads.

Get a VPN

VPN is a must for any affiliate marketer. A VPN allows you to surf the Internet using an IP address from a particular country. In our case, I will choose a USA VPN and then login to my Facebook account to spy on ads. I have been using VPN services since years now and my favorite has always been PureVPN.

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One thing that I have noticed with Facebook is that you need not change your IP address every time you want to spy on Ads. For example, If I login using a USA IP address with a fake US profile on day one, I will obviously get to see ads targeted towards men in US. The strange thing is that I will get to see same or ads targeted towards Men in US even when my IP is not from the US. This means that Facebook registers your location for the first time and later ignores your IP address. This why lot of people traveling to other countries still get to see ads targeted towards them (their country).


While spying on Facebook ads, you might come across offers and landing pages which do not fall under Facebook advertising guidelines. Please do not assume that such things are allowed on Facebook. Such type of promotions can get you banned from Facebook Advertising and trust me, your Facebook Advertising account is worth a millions.

In case if you are wondering why Facebook is allowing others to promote something that is not allowed, these advertisers are fooling Facebook. Advertisers use a cloaking technology which shows two different pages to two different people. So in the approval process, the person responsible for approving the ad gets to see a different page and when a Facebook user clicks on the ad, He gets to see a different page.

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