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Ever dreamt of your name and website being featured on a top website like is one of the most visited websites which ranks 134 internationally and no. 9 in India as per Alexa. Now, you have a chance of featuring your name and website (if you have one) on this huge web portal.

To get your name and website featured on, all you have to do is write an article related to technical stuff. Articles related to gadgets, cell phones etc. are most welcome. All you have to do is:

  1. Send an email to gadgetsandgaming[at] with subject line as I’m a tech wizard/afficianado’.
  2. In the email, explain who are you with your educational and work background.
  3. Wait for people from to reply.
  4. Send them your article.

Please note that Rediff will NOT give you any link love for the article which is a bit sad. What Rediff will do for you is post a badge of yours which links back to your ‘Rediff Pages‘ page. Apart from this, they will also post your blog or website URL but without linking it. This means people can simply type your website URL or copy/paste it in their address bar to visit your website. Isn’t that awesome?

Imagine your name and website URL being shared with millions of readers. This is really a great way to get some popularity and traffic to your website and of course, all for FREE! I am not missing my chance to get my name on such a HUGE web portal and I don’t see a reason why you should miss your chance.

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