iPhone 6 Earpiece Sound Problems

My younger Son likes spilling his milk all over the place. Two days ago it was my iPhone’s turn. While I was busy working on my laptop, he chose to bath my phone with some milk. There was so much milk on the phone that I wasn’t able to see the screen. I immediately took a tissue paper to wipe out all the milk but there was a problem. The phone was all sticky and then I had to wipe it with a wet tissue.

iPhone Earpiece problem

Next morning when people called me, I told them there is a problem in their phone as their voice was too low. Funny! After a couple of calls I remembered about the last night incident and knew that it was the milk or water that has damaged my iPhone’s ear piece. Tried a call using my headphones and everything was working fine. Came to a conclusion that the problem is with the iPhone’s earpiece. I knew that keeping the phone in uncooked rice can help but this time it did not help. Had a close look at the earpiece and thought sandpaper might help. I did not have any sandpaper so tried a toothbrush. I was 99.9% sure that it will not help but still I rubbed a new toothbrush on the earpiece for just 5 seconds. I knew it wont work so kept my phone aside and started working. Five minutes later, I got a call and VOILA, clear sound with no issues whatsoever.

So rubbing a toothbrush on my iPhone 6 earpiece did wonders and fixed the low voice problem. Try this if you face the same issue. It can work.

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  1. That was hilarious. You were lucky enough to save your earphones. But i doubt it would work in every case, you might have spoiled them hard. I guess a hot air blow might have done better as it would have vaporizes the water left inside. You hadn’t have to use to much hot air, it would have spoiled the wires otherwise.

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