Is Google AdSense really unbanning people?

We all know that it is impossible to get your Google AdSense account back once you are banned. There are people who Google AdSensehave got their account back after immediately asking Google to have one more look. I have never ever heard of someone getting his or her Google AdSense account back which was lost years ago. Just now I came across this post on Digital Point forums where the user claims that he got his account back from Google AdSense.

What this will do is flood Google AdSense mail boxes asking for reinstatement of their account. I know there would be lot of n00bs who have already sent emails to Google AdSense support.

I am not sure if this guy is actually saying the truth but looking at his other posts and reputation at Digital Point forums, he seems to be genuine with the right information. If you are thinking of getting your old AdSense account unbanned, then think twice. You need to be polite and have lot of patience for getting a positive reply. Most important points mentioned in the post say:

"I concentrated on my websites and built up great traffic to them (Averaging at 10,000 pageloads per day combined)" and then
"My email also had a promise which told Adsense that I’d be one of the publishers they’d be proud to have in their network if they unbanned me, I also gave them my traffic stats and the URL’s of all the domains I had used Adsense with, from my first account as well as from my second account. I confessed to everything I did. I also wrote that I understood they must have got in a lot of troubles because of me with the advertisers for invalid clicks but I was deeply sorry for that."

All in all, I feel the AdSense team did see some potential in his websites. Maybe its the traffic or the Niche. Advertising networks at times are short of a particular niche and if they find it in your website then luck turns your way. Traffic is the main key when it comes to making money online with websites. Building traffic is the main criteria for a website making money for long time.


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