Is Your Website Code Optimized For Search Engines

There is a lot said about search engine optimization nowadays. Lot of people think that SEO is only about creating backlinks and doing some optimization on-page. One of the most important factors of SEO is to look at a website from a search engine perspective. This means that you need to check how your website looks to a search engine bot.

There are many tools available using which you can check how your website looks to a search engine bot. I always check my websites using SEO Browser because it tells me how the website looks to a search engine bot.

Things to look out for:

The most important thing to check while checking your website using SEO Browser is to see what content is being loaded first. We all know that search engines love new and updated content. This means that it is very important to load the updated content first. I have seen many websites and blogs which load their sidebar first and then the content. This is not good for your website or blog because search engines will see the same content while entering your website which might result in not so good rankings. So, if your static content of the website is loading first, then make sure you change your code and make the dynamic content load first.

SEO- Load Dynamic Content First

If you are using the Headway Theme for wordpress, then you can simply change the position of your sidebar or content bar in PHPMyAdmin to make it load first or last. For eg. The main content position can be 1 and the sidebar position can be a number later than 1.

Search engine bots cannot see images. They will know what an image is about only when we define an alt tag to it. This means that having a relevant alt tag for every image on the website is very important. Tools like SEO Browser show us our alt tags which does help in checking if we are using relevant alt tags.

Apart from these two important factors, one should always try and have a clean code. Always try and remove unnecessary code and follow the right coding standards. Website load time is now one of the important factors for SEO and one should ensure that the load time is minimum.

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