Make Money Online Basics and Pay Per Click Ads

Lot of people know that I am a full time affiliate marketer and a blogger since almost 10 months now. Everyone wants to know what is it exactly that I do to generate massive profits each month and how they can do it as well. Referring these people to my blog does not help much because most of the posts here are for intermediate and advanced users. To help all my friends on what this making money online thing is all about, I am starting a series which will explain how this entire business works. If you follow this series, then you will be able to make over $10K per month just like I do. Before starting, I would recommend each one of you to Subscribe to my RSS Feed so that you don’t miss a single post on how to make money online.

The Main Objective:

The main objective for everyone who is on the Internet to make money online is to generate sales online or offline. Sales can be in terms of a product or a service. Don’t get demotivated right away because you don’t have a product or service to sell. While the top money makers on the Internet have their own products and services, you can make money by promoting someone else’s product or service too. You can also make money by generating leads for a company. The company will pay you for getting leads from you who in turn can be converted in to sales.

So How Do I Promote Someone Else’s Product?

There are many ways using which you can promote someone else’s product and get your commissions. This itself is a very vast topic and will be covered in almost all the parts of this series. So make sure that you don’t miss any.

What are PPC, CPM and CPA Ads or Methods?

We just learned that the main motive or objective in the Internet business is to make sales. But there are a few pre-sale steps which can make you money regardless of the actual sale happening. This means you can get paid just to send people to a sales page or a website. This means that you can make money without even causing a sale. PPC, CPM & CPA Ads will help you make money in this fashion. Please note that the main and last objective here is to make a sale but you may be not directly involved in it. This means you don’t actually have to make a sale to make money. If you don’t understand this, no problem… just read on.

What are PPC Ads?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. This is where almost every person who wants to make money online starts. Generating money using pay per click ads is the easiest option and programs like Google AdSense have made it more simpler. To start with PPC Ads, you need to have a website on which the ads will be displayed. Lets take Google AdSense for example. To start making money using PPC Ads, you will have to apply for a Google AdSense account. Once approved, you will get a small code which you can use on your website and start displaying ads. You get paid when people click your ads.

This is how Google AdSense or any other PPC network works: Let’s assume that Billy has a website/store in which he is selling Apple iPads. Billy obviously needs people to visit his website and buy his Apple iPads and for that he goes to Google. Google asks him to sign up for their program called Google AdWords using which Billy can get some traffic to his website. Google charges Billy $1 each time someone clicks his Ad and the person visits Billy’s website. Now where are Billy’s ads displayed? Billy’s ads are displayed on Google search results page and websites like yours.

Before we go ahead, let’s understand that we are publishers now working with Google AdSense to make money. Billy is an Advertiser and he is working with Google AdWords for traffic.

So now lets assume that you have a website which has articles about Apple iPad. Google will quickly match Billy’s ad’s preference with your website and display Billy’s Ad on your website (provided you have Google’s AdSense Ads on your website). Remember, Billy is paying Google $1 per click. This means you will get less than a dollar if someone clicks Billy’s Ad which is displayed on your website. Google will keep their commission and pay rest of the amount to you which can be as low as 2 cents or as high as 99 cents. You get paid regardless of what this person clicking the Ad does. He may or might not make a purchase from Billy’s website. You will get paid even if Billy’s website is not working.

The main objective of making money using PPC Ads like Google AdSense is to get clicks. You are getting paid to send people to Billy’s website and its Billy’s job to make these guys purchase his product.

Examples of Google AdSense Ads on Google Search Network:

Google Search Network Ads
Google Search Network Ads

Examples of Google AdSense Ads on Websites (Content Network):

Google Content Network Ads
Google Content Network Ads

In my next post, I will cover what are CPA and CPM Ads. As of now, you can search for terms like Google AdSense, Google AdWords, Pay Per Click etc. on this blog and learn more on that topic. Ignore anything that you don’t understand and ask your questions in the comments section. The next post, especially about CPA Ads will be very interesting because that’s where I make most of my income from.

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