Make Money Online Promoting ClickBank Products On Facebook

You really don’t need a website to make money online nowadays. Things have become so simpler that anyone and everyone can make money online these days. You can make money online by a single mouse click. Yes, that’s true. You can make money online by simply clicking the Facebook ‘Like’ button. It’s that easy!

For those who don’t know, ClickBank is a place where you can find lots of informational products. You get to earn money once you sell those products which are mainly ebooks. You can also sell your own product or ebook using ClickBank. In this post we will focus on promoting someone else’s products and earning affiliate commission out of it. First, you have to login to your ClickBank account. You can create one for free in case you don’t have an account. Once logged in, go to the ClickBank Marketplace and select the product category. In the screenshot below, I have chosen the E-business & E-marketing category and on the right hand side you can see the products list which I can promote.

clickbank like button
The above shown product can earn me $39.37 once someone buys it through my link. Once I click the ‘Like’ button, the link will be automatically posted on my Facebook wall. The link posted has my affiliate id in it which means I will earn $39.37 if someone clicks the link on my Facebook wall and purchases the product. It’s so simple! Here is how it looks on my Facebook wall:

Making money online cannot get any more simpler than this. I would recommend everyone of you to try and promote Clickbank products this way and make money online. If you don’t have a ClickBank account yet, then go ahead and get one now for free.

9 Responses to Make Money Online Promoting ClickBank Products On Facebook

  1. I think you only get 50% of the $39.37…

    Thats a great idea about making it a like…but you have to have a lot of fans…and targeted fans too…people who are looking for that kind of product.

    Good with your projects!

  2. I’ve bought a couple facebook products and just now getting into facebook fan pages. For some reason, I just don’t like facebook but it seems that’s where all the action is these days.

  3. I have a clickbank account and have never found the like button on any of the pages to promote a product on Facebook.

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