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This post will explain how to make money online with adult niche. It may sound a bit weird to some of you reading my blog but believe me this is the easiest niche in which you can make money online. The process which I am going to explain is quiet simple, might require some investment and you DO NOT require a website for this. How much is the investment? Depends on you. The higher you invest, the higher you make. I would recommend to start slow and then increase the investment gradually.

We all know that major portion of surfers watch adult stuff. Most of them like it free but many actually do pay money to watch it on the Internet. We want money from such guys…Trust me again, its damn easy. I started experimenting this with lot of adult websites, lost some money in the process and then stuck to a couple. I am making good money with these sites as they convert a lot better than the others. One is the famous Adult Friend Finder and the other one is Fling. Now Adult Friend Finder looks a bit attractive with its PPC program as well but I would recommend my readers to go with fling. My experience says that Fling converts much more than Adult Friend Finder. The ratio here is 12:1, which means if I have 1 conversion at Adult Friend Finder, I have 12 with Fling during the same period. Make sure that if you sign up, sign up using my affiliate link above ;). The fling link will take you to and thats their affiliate sign up link so don’t think you are on a wrong page.OK. We have an account now but where do we put our ads? It would be great if you already have a website with adult content. If not, do not worry. All you have to do is spend some money on advertising. No, I am not talking about spending loads of time and money on Google AdWords or something similar. Nor I am I talking about creating quality landing pages. We don’t need this when we can buy cheap traffic from the Internet. When I mean cheap, its REAL CHEAP traffic. Two best places where you can get this traffic is Adengage and Black Label Ads. Both networks work equally good for me. Both these networks have real good adult websites from where you can get loads and loads of traffic for cheap. Right now I have managed to buy links on a website which has Alexa ranking of below 1K and provides around 13K clicks per week…All this just for $30 a week. You may find a better deal than this if you keep looking for more adult websites with high trafifc.

Now the idea is to create an advertisement which says “Find a Girl in our Area” or something really naughty (we all are so good at it ). We can add two lines per ad which means we can get more naughty ;). Just create your ad and keep watching. This is complete Auto Pilot now, trust me this works real good. At the beginning you may get free sign ups but believe me these free sign ups convert later on giving you more money day by day. Now the idea is to spend 50% of the revenue earned on more advertisement and earn money and keep it rolling.

Now all you smarties know how simple it is to make money using the adult niche. Go right now and sign up at Fling network, throw some ads on your site or buy some and start making $$$$ immediately.

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  2. Hey, love the post, am really interested in this as a start to my affiliate marketing.I would love some more information regarding the ‘no website’ option as my websites are not adult related so may look a bit weird promoting Sexy soccer milfs on a sailing website, lol……then again…..;-) Please emailme and i would love to get in contact with you if at all possible. Peace!!

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