Make Money By Sharing Pictures and Videos Online With Staree

How often do you post pictures on Facebook or twitter? Making money with these pictures is now possible with Staree. Izea Inc,  the world leader in Social Media Sponsorship, announced its Staree platform has graduated from beta and is now accepting applications from all social media users. Izea has already been helping bloggers and tweeters to monetize their content with Social Spark and Sponsored Tweets.

Staree allows users to upload images and videos using their mobile phone or a computer. Saree monetizes this content using display advertising and pays users for sharing the content. Staree is now available to everyone and some Hollywood stars have already started using it. The hottest celebrities like Kendall Schmidt and Logan Henderson are the ones who are using Staree to increase their social media presence.

One of the best things about Staree is that users can copyright their pictures and videos. The uploaded pictures and videos can also be deleted with a click of a button.

Staree also has an awesome app for iPhone which allows you to upload pictures and videos from your phone. You can upload existing pictures and videos or take new ones and upload them to Staree to make money. The uploaded pictures can also be shared on twitter and Facebook by selecting the relevant icon. It’s that easy!

Making Money With Staree

I started using Staree yesterday and have uploaded only 2 pictures on it. Right now my Staree account shows that I have already earned one cent with just two pictures. This, in my opinion is a great opportunity for everyone to make some money online. Here is a screenshot of my account.



Although Staree is open for everyone, there is an approval process. I am not sure on how the approval process works but it seems people with good social media presence and followers are getting approved.

If you would like to have a Staree account, do let me know in the comments section. I have 5 invites as of now and I will randomly select 5 people from comments below to send the invite. Let’s make some money with Staree.

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17 Responses to Make Money By Sharing Pictures and Videos Online With Staree

  1. i was looking for a opportunity to earn money by sharing pics/videos.
    i liked this
    Please send an invite to me

    thnx in advance!

  2. Hey, Harshad. Thanks for sharing this service with us. I would love to join and get something out of it. So, please send me an invite.

  3. Hello Harshad. I am so happy I came across your blog post. I’ve been searching for a way to share and earn and I hope this is the opportunity. Could you please send me an invite!? I would really appreciate it.

  4. hello friend,it is great to earn money from staree account,let me give one chance to earn money.thanx for sharing good news.plz send invite to me.

  5. Hi Harshad,

    Nice post.
    I signed up a few days ago and was accepted.
    However it’s still not 100% clear on how you actually make money. Do you know if it’s CPC or CPM or just purely the number of images and videos you upload?


  6. I signed up for Staree last week and still haven’t heard if I’ve been approved or not. I’m getting impatient, waiting, but it looks like it could really be worth it.