Who Will Win The IPL 2009

The Indian Premier League is in its final stages and it gets more exciting now. The Delhi Daredevils take on the Deccan Chargers  today (22nd May 2009) while the Royal Challengers Bangalore will face the Chennai Super Kings tomorrow (23rd May 2009).  I have been following some matches and it has been a very exciting month. My favorites are the Chennai Super Kings and they have a good chance to win this years IPL. The second favorites are the Deccan Chargers and they too have a good chance ahead of the Delhi Daredevils and the Royal Challengers Bangalore. The team I am gonna miss a lot is the Rajasthan Royals. I like Shane Warne, his way of handling the team and the dedication towards the sport.

IPL 2009 - Who Will Be tHe Winners

There have been talks of how these matches are fixed. There are talks of non regular bolwers taking hat tricks, matches going down to the final overs etc. I think you shouldn’t bother your brain on too much of this stuff and just enjoy the game. Lalit Modi has done an excellent job and has made India proud. People are always jealous of the rich, famous and successful people so there are no surprises if someone says bad things about him.

I made good money online with IPL 2009. The IPL merchandise has made me some money this month through eBay. Some of the IPL Shirts have been the top selling products on eBay India and it was fun promoting them. Good to see that more Indians are getting in to online shopping.

I will have a blast enjoying these matches this weekend. I hope the Chennai Super Kings win. Who do you think will win? Vote for your team below and tell us in comments why you think the team will win.


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