Make Money With Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller Hosting or Multiple CPanel Hosting is a form of shared hosting that helps Web Professionals worldwide offer better management control to their customers. Reseller Hosting also allows webmasters who work as affiliates to make better profit margins. With Reseller Hosting, webmasters can start their own web hosting company which allows them to have complete control over a portion of a server’s resources (Disk Space and Bandwidth) that can be broken up into customized packages and sold to his customers based on their requirement.

Make Money With Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller Hosting is adopted more by Web Designers, Web Developers or Systems Integrators since it allows them the flexibility to offer hosting as an add-on service to their primary business model. It’s also an inexpensive way to make a profit as well as provide an additional service to your clients.

Here is an example of what one can earn being an affiliate with ResellerClub:

Reseller Hosting Resources:
* 50 GB WebSpace
* 1000 GB Bandwidth
* Host 30 Domains (Based on Resources Consumed)
* Price – Rs. 1150/month

** Web Masters Cost to Host/Domain: 1150/30 Domains = Rs 40/month per Website
** Minimum Market Charge to Host/Domain/Month = Rs 170/month

*** Profit Potential: 325%

A good hosting provider will offer useful features in addition to a Reseller Hosting package such as Email Hosting, Commercial Control Panels and Support for several different programming languages. It is very important to confirm what companies offer as control panels or language support. Ideally you should look for cPanel or plesk enabled with a WHM control panel since these are the most widely used Hosting Control Panels, and support a ton of plugins. An important feature to look out for is free WHMCS. It is a powerful business automation tool that helps you handle Billing, Support, Domain & Customer Management and more.

Multiple clients globally have set up their own Hosting Business using Reseller Hosting. Billing can also be done under your own brand name since most Reseller Hosting packages are white-labeled. Server administration and management will also be handled by your Reseller Hosting provider, in effect allowing you the time to serve your clients.

The Consolidation advantage of Reseller Hosting also helps ease management related issues since all your clients can be hosted on one package.

However, a Reseller Hosting package may not be the best option for everyone. Picking up a reseller hosting package could also mean pre-purchased inventory that you need to sell off immediately. If you are not able to fill the package quickly, you will be paying for more space and bandwidth than you actually need. A Reseller Hosting Package should be your first choice only if you are expecting enough customers to at least recover your package costs.

Providers such as ResellerClub & Hostgator have been offering such services for the past 10+ years, and we find them reliable enough to recommend. You will also find other unique promotions that can be used in sync with your Hosting. If you have considered buying Hosting, try their services out and tell us what you think.



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