– Microsoft’s New Social Face is a new social network launched by Microsoft; it is an experimental project of Microsoft, which combines both the social networking and searching features. Initially this network is aimed at providing a new learning platform for students. During the early stages it was made available at the University of Washington and New York.


There are a variety of salient features offered by this site such as:

  • It allows you to search the web and make content collages depicting your ideas and stories
  • It helps you to discover people sharing the same interest and also discover people sharing interest that you like
  • It allows people to have a video party mode
  • It also provides chat rooms where people of similar interest can watch the video at same time and post comments while the video is being played
  • An amazing feature provided by it is – when a person searches for particular content they can de-clutter the useless sites so that when another person is searching on the same topic, they won’t need to visit those sites
  • This site’s exclusive feature is the real-time sharing of videos
  • Riffing is a new option available which allows you to re-post any content along with your personal additions to it or comments

Each feature provided by this site is innovative, interesting and gives or takes you in a new direction in the social networking field. A brief explanation about the exclusive features provided by this site is given below:

Sharing your search

At you are allowed to share each of your search result that you find interesting and grab the attention of all your friends. All you need to do is just go to the site, type in the word that you are searching for, select the desired content and click it, to share it. You can also add your own comment to it. Others can find your shared content, photo or video in their feed.

Video Party

This is an astonishing feature provided by which allows all its users to have a common video being viewed together. While seeing the video any of the users can add comments to it even when the video is being played. It also provides a fascinating feature to conduct live video conferencing between more than two users at a time. has now opened its arms for all and its available free of charge. It can be used for your business promotions; SMO services UK has included this site as a part of its social promotion sites.

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