More problems with Yahoo mail

Some time ago I had mentioned about having issues with Yahoo mail. Now things have gone bad to worst. Not only do I have to search for my emails in the bulk folder but now I also have to ignore my not so important emails. Last night I was shocked to see all my emails coming to my inbox. This means all my mail filters were gone. I have subscribed to bugtraq and created a filter for it. Also, my work emails were forwarded to a particular folder which had a filter. Now everything comes to my inbox. Thankfully my folders are still there but the filters have disappeared. I had add to all filters manually now.

Yahoo MAIL Broken

The image above shows how my filters are not working. I was/am expecting an apology email from Yahoo where they can accept the problem and apologies for the inconvenience but they haven’t done so yet. Yahoo Chat and email are the two biggest products used by people world wide. We have heard of Spam Bots & booting issues with Yahoo messenger and now the email issues. Many people have already started switching to GTalk and GMail which in my opinion provide excellent services than Yahoo.

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