Mozilla To Launch A $25 Firefox OS SmartPhone

Mozilla to introduce a low-cost Smartphone for the people who can’t afford to buy high-end devices offered by Apple, Google and Samsung. The organisation announced a deal of $25 smartphones with Chinese chip designer Spreadtrum Communications.

The Smartphones will arrive in extremely cost-sensitive markets like Japan and other parts of Asia, where people often look for inexpensive Smartphones. The deal was announced at the Mobile World Congress 2014.

When Mozilla proposed its plans to build a phone operating system a few years ago, most of the technical experts didn’t expect it as reality. But in 2013, it announced phones with a number of partners in many developing countries. The three available Firefox OS Smartphone are now available in 15 different markets and through four different network operators.

The sales are high in Latin America and Eastern Europe today, now Mozilla is planning to get into the markets in Asia and Africa. The company also wants to expand its business in Latin America and Europe with planned launches in Argentina, Costa Rica, Croatia, Panama, the Czech Republic, Macedonia and other countries. As per Mozilla, the purpose behind Firefox OS remains to be a reasonable solution for the people who are purchasing Smartphones for the first time in emerging markets.

ZTE will illustrate both the new Open C and Open II dual-core Firefox OS phones at MWC. Huawei is also announcing its first Firefox OS phone – the Huawei Y300, while Alcatel ONETOUCH is bringing a range of new phones under the “Fire” brand and concept for a 7-inch Firefox OS tablet. Alcatel’s phone span the range from a basic 3.5-inch dual-core HVGA phone to the 4G-enabled Fire S with a 4.5-inch qHD display, a quad-core processor, LTE support and 8 megapixel 1080p camera.

At CES 2014, Panasonic has revealed a Firefox OS-based TV and it is believed that others will switch to open-source operating system and use it for similar applications. The applications are open source, so manufacturers can customize the code as per their needs.

Mozilla’s main focus is on Smartphones, but it’s also encouraging other devices to migrate in Firefox OS. Via’s 7-inch Vixen 7 and Foxconn’s 10-inch InFocus tablets are available to developers who are interested in the area.

Mozilla is looking forward with more phones on the market and organization hopes that more game developers will also take a look at the platform, which is based on HTML5 and JavaScript. The chances of success in the Smartphone market of the developing countries looks possible for Mozilla.

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