My Experience With Virtual Staff Finder

Being an independent online entrepreneur is an exciting yet very challenging job. Sometimes I would find myself shorthanded with all of the websites that I maintain. It would be great to have someone work with you to further your goal but then again it would somehow defeat the purpose of having the freedom to work, especially at home.


After scouring the World Wide Web, I came across with Virtual Assistants or simply known as VA’s. A virtual office assistant is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office. It immediately caught my attention and said “hey, this is exactly what I needed”.

I was really glad that I found this out. It is exactly what my business needed. Not only can I manage my work better but also having a person who knows how to work my business out for it to be more profitable. I then immediately look for a place or a site that offers VA’s. To my surprise, there were a lot but I still could not find what I was exactly looking for. I could not find the exact information that I needed; I’m new to this so I felt something is missing. And then I found the Virtual Staff Finder.

After additional readings, I found out that the Virtual Staff Finder service is a simple one, regardless of whether you’re looking for several virtual executive assistants, or just one employee to help you with your everyday tasks.

What is Virtual Staff Finder?

The Virtual Staff Finder is a virtual assistant company whose business is to help entrepreneurs find an online assistant with appropriate qualifications to match their needs.

The way I understand it, if you’re feeling the pinch as a busy business man, while working incredible long hours, it’s time for you to start spending your time in a more effective manner so you can become more successful.

If you’ve ever considered hiring a Virtual Assistant, this is the place to go. For a small fee, Virtual Staff Finder will bring you 3 or more candidates who would be a good fit for your desired role. You then interview them on Skype and decide which one (if any) you want to hire. Virtual Staff Finder charges a small recruiting fee, and helps you throughout the process.

Why Choose Virtual Staff Finder?

The Virtual Staff Finder has been on the outsourcing business for 10 solid years. They have the best knowledge with the business compared to anyone. Not to mention that the Virtual Staff Finder CEO, Chris Ducker is looked up and considered to as one of the best and respected experts in this industry. So you are confident that you will be working with the best as well. These guys are on the top of their game and definitely knew their stuff. I even got to learn the top 10 tips that every entrepreneur need to know about working with Virtual Assistants.

First things first, be realistic about this!

Outsourcing is not a quick fix magic pill that you can pop and expect everything to work perfectly at day 1. So don’t expect too much from your VA right out of the gate.

Leverage Your Time – You Know It Make Sense!

The number one benefit of working with a VA is saving time, gaining more time and ultimately becoming more productive as an entrepreneur yourself.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Love Freelanced Virtual Assistants

Hiring home based VA’s generally cost 50% less than working with a solutions provider.

Don’t Make Assumptions!

“Assumptions make an ass out of you and me” Give very clear, distinct instructions on the tasks you’re asking your VA’s to perform for you.

Invest Time In Developing Your VA

Make sure you spend time training your VA to the point where they can work unassisted, and to a level that you are both happy with. So your relationship be a lasting one.

Set Realistic Task Timelines

Think about all the parameters in place on each task and set a realistic task timeline.

Build Trust With Your Virtual Assistant

Build up trust, don’t micromanage and become virtual vulture of a boss! Show them that you believe in them and the work they are doing for you.

Give Praise for a Job Well Done

Receiving praise makes your VA feel accomplished which is very important to the overall growth of your relationship together.

Always Pay your Virtual Assistant On Time, Always!

Paying your VA on time will enable them to stay focused on their work and not worry about paying their bills and etc.

Have Fun With This Thing! You’ll Learn To Love It!

Have fun with your new business relationship and most importantly, utilize your VA properly!

Of course, when you are looking for a Virtual Assistant a lot of things would spin through your head; pricing, fees and a whole bunch of related things. Good news is, The Virtual Staff Finder has a simple recruiting and hiring process with support offered during every step. I’ve had great success with my Virtual Assistant.

My Final Thoughts on Virtual Staff Finder

Lady luck must have smiled on me on those tough times. I was even luckier when I came across the Virtual Staff Finder. From the simple processing steps, to the very helpful and amiable VSF staff that was able to isolate 3 amazing candidates who fit my category. The interview went very smooth; I never had an issue understanding them as they speak very fluent English! This in my opinion is definitely a plus. I am still happily working with my current VA and he was able to provide me the things that I needed. Virtual Staff Finder is definitely the number one when it comes to Virtual Staff Outsourcing, would definitely recommend to fellow independent and non independent entrepreneurs alike.

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