My PC Backup Review – Act Smart and BackUp Your Files Online

If I tell you right now that I have never used an external drive to backup my important files, would you believe me? I know its hard to believe, but it is true. The reason is NOT that I do not have important files at all. Of course, I do have files that needs backing up but I never back them up on external drives. The main reason why I don’t backup on external drives is because I don’t trust these drives anymore. No matter what these hard drive makers claim, I have seen people lose very important data because of a hard disk failure. I can now remember of at least two such instances in one of which my ex boss’s external hard drive, which he always used to store important data got locked. He was not able to use the disk and had to lose all his important data. The second instance is about my sister whose external hard drive got infected by a virus and she lost all her backed up data. The funny thing here is that both of them had never had such problems with their laptop or desktop computers.å

Act Smart, Use Online Backup Services

MYPCBackup Review

Today, with faster Internet and so much security in place, backing up important data online helps a lot. I personally use the service from MyPCBackup to backup all my files online and it costs me less that $5 per month. I know there are a few other providers who provide same service but I personally like MyPCBackup because of their user-friendly software and other awesome features listed below.

Unlimited Storage – I don’t have to bother about how big my files are. All accounts on MyPCBackup come with unlimited storage so I can backup whatever I want.

Sync Files – Not something I use a lot but it definitely is a very good feature. I can sync multiple computers so that I can use my backed up files from anywhere.

File Sharing – Lot of organizations and email service providers do not allow mailing of .exe, .bat and files of other such formats. I upload such files on MyPCBackup and just share the URL with whoever I want to share it with. With the FBI shutting down all the file sharing websites, this feature alone is worth a lot.

Security – When I transfer my files using MyPCBackup, all my files go through a 256 bit secured socket layer encryption. Also, I have never faced any problems like files not available, servers down etc.

Automated Backup – This is the feature I like the most. MyPCBackup backs up all my data automatically in the background. All my files are automatically backed up and I don’t have to bother about selecting the files all the time. I have a few folders where I store my important data and all these folders are backed up automatically everyday. All this happens in the background without bothering me or my routine work.

Mac Support – MyPCBackup supports Mac and Windows OS which keeps both users and computers happy.


How does MyPCBackup work?

When you sign up at, you will be asked to download a software. You need to install this software and simply select your options. You can backup your entire computer (unlimited storage) or just select a few files and folders like I do. You can set it to backup automatically everyday or whenever you want to and you are set. All your important files are backed up automatically.

How Much Does it Cost?

When I saw this service first, I thought it would cost well above $50 per month but that’s not the case. The cost for this service is just $9.95 per month and it can go as low as $4.95 if you pay for 2 years upfront. The smart decision would be to pay 2 years upfront and save almost 50%. They do have a money back guarantee, so that you can get a refund anytime you wish. I am pretty happy with this service at such low-cost and I am sure you will be happy too.

Frankly speaking, whenever I see people buying or using external hard drives I think they are a bit outdated. We need to make most of the technology we have. Backing up data on external hard drives is not reliable and can be risky. Hence, be smart and start backing up your data online.

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  1. I have started using cloud storage only recently, say for about a year so far. Before that, I stuck to external hard drives or DVDs. I think in a few years, other than for extremely important data, I’ll move over more and more to cloud storage.


  2. I do use a portable hard drive to backup important data. To cover all bases, I am planning to get online backups as well; your review gives me a good idea on which provider to sign up with.

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