One Blog or Multiple Blogs?

Someone asked me this question last night on whether creating 100 websites in different niches will help. I have seen lot of people who are out there to make money online create hundreds of various blogs and websites. The idea here is to create 100 blogs and expect a minimum of $1 from each blog per day. That is $100 per day and you are set to leave your day job. But does this work? I would say it does not.

If you look around and talk to people who make loads of money online, all of them would tell you that around 80% to 90%  of their income comes from one website. Creating multiple websites, blogs or landing pages can be a good idea in terms of testing but not all of them are going to work for you. I know a few people who started on a mission of creating 100 blogs and never succeeded in doing so. The reason is pretty simple, you cannot manage, optimize and monetize 100 blogs at a time. To generate revenue, you need quality traffic and to get quality traffic you need quality content. Generating quality content for 100 blogs is not easy.

So am I saying that you cannot own 100 blogs or websites? Of course you can, but you need people to keep on working on those websites everyday. With so many people working, the ROI might not be that good so the entire idea of having 100 blogs is a failure most of the times. One quality website can generate 10 times more revenue as compared to the total revenue generated by 100 low quality blogs. I personally have around 20 blogs/websites but I work only on 2-3 of them everyday. Focusing on one or just a few websites makes the job much simpler because you can concentrate on backlinks and content for those websites only. Once you have good quality backlinks and content, the traffic will come and so will the cash.

So if you are planning to make money online and are not sure on how many websites do you need, I have the answer. The answer is start with ONE. Investing lot of time, focus and energy on one website can do wonders. Creating lot of websites will lead to generation of low quality websites. There are a few other advantages of having a single website:

  • Most of your content will be on this website so the content will be of good quality and quantity and so will be the pages.
  • Most of your backlinks will be pointing towards this website which will enable it to rank higher.
  • The overall expense in terms of hosting, design etc. will be lower.
  • You will save lot of time which can be invested in increasing the overall quality of the website.

So next time when you are confused on whether to have one or multiple websites, you have the answer. Let me know if you think otherwise.

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  1. I think multiple blogs can still bring a decent income when we are targeting the niche market. Therefore, research to find a niche market is very important. When we’ve received a number of potential niche markets, the opportunity to earn a livelihood will be very large. Everything is back to each, because each has different interests and abilities. If you can manage multiple blogs, why not?

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