Optimize WordPress Blog For Mobile Phone Browsers

Looking at the technology advancing day by day, it is very difficult to keep up with the latest. It all started with desktop computers and now people can access the Internet on their cell phones. Lot of advanced gadgets are now available in the market and a blog owner should ensure that his blog is optimized for all these gadgets. I have seen people access my websites using a cell phone who have gone ahead and made purchases. This means that optimizing websites and blogs for mobile phones is very important nowadays.

To make my blogs mobile phone friendly, I have used wordpress plugins which automatically display a mobile friendly theme but there were limitations to each of them. One plugin would only work on iPhones while the other only on Blackberry phones. Now things are changing rapidly. Its not just about iPhones and Blackberrys today. People access the Internet using other phones such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony, HTC and more… Loading a plugin for each of these phones is a pain and simply not possible. This was a big problem and there was no solution for it until yesterday.

I got an email from Mobile Motions Technologies and they asked me to use their service. First, I thought it was yet another plugin for wordpress which will automatically create a mobile friendly theme for my blog and re-direct people to the mobile version if they are accessing the blog using either the iPhone or a Blackberry. After reading about the plugin, I was shocked to see that the Mobstac Blogger Plugin supports over 5000 different phones. Installing and activating this plugin was very simple and the best part is that I also got a nice domain for my mobile friendly website m.thedotcomblog.com. Now how cool is that!

I liked the Mobstac Blogger Plugin so much that I requested these guys to allow my blog readers to use it for free. The Mobstac Blogger Plugin is not free for everyone but if you are here then you can avail this excellent service for free.

Steps To Create a Mobile Friendly WordPress Blog:

  1. Sign up on the Mobstac Blogger Plugin Page. Use the Invite Code ‘THEDOTCOMBLOG‘ (All caps no inverted commas).
  2. Enter your Blog URL and click the scan button.
  3. Enter Blog title, tag line and select your header image.
  4. Select your URL like yourblogname.mobstac.com
  5. Optional – Create a CNAME entry with your domain registrar and point it to yourblogname.mobstac.com. This will allow you to have a subdomain for your mobile site.
  6. Install and Activate the Mobstac Blogger Plugin.

Thats it. Now everyone who is accessing your blog using a cell phone, will see a fast loading blog optimized for mobile phone browsers.

Benefits of A Mobile Phone Friendly Blog:

  • Faster load times for people visiting your blog using a cell phone.
  • Proper alignment of text and images making it easy for the reader.
  • More than 50% of the people using the Internet will have access to websites using a cell phone or a mobile gadget like an iPad. Hence, its important to create user friendly interface for them.
  • With mobile friendly interface, more people will visit your blog resulting in more traffic and revenue.

Mobstac Blogger plugin is easy to setup and will not take you more than 5 minutes. So get your mobile friendly sites quickly and stay up with the latest technology.


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  1. Congratulations!! the mobile site is really good and loads really well, great job ! MobStac (http://www.mobstac.com/blogger ) sounds like a great product and plus its straightforward enough to do it yourself, though I am surprised that an Indian startup is involved in cool venture, the best thing was that I did not have to get into any technical nitty gritties and the mobile site was up within minutes…:) … hats off to MobStac team and you.

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