Pinterest Shows No Love For Affiliate Marketers

If you are an affiliate marketer and have not made any sales through Pinterest then you are a bit slow or might have missed the boat already. Pinterest is a nice platform to post (spam?) with affiliate links attached to your posts. While some people are already making tons of cash with their affiliate links, Pinterest has chosen to crack down affiliates using Amazon affiliate links. As of now, Pinterest is removing the ‘tag=id’ parameter from Amazon affiliate links posted on Pinterest. So if you are an Amazon affiliate and are still doing this then you might be wasting your time as you won’t get credited for sales made through your pins.


This can be a sign that Pinterest does not like affiliate links and affiliate marketers. I think this is a good move by Pinterest because it may keep boards clean from spam. Some people are also saying that Pinterest is making money for themselves by replacing links with their own affiliate links (smart move). There are alternatives to still post your Amazon affiliate links but there is no certainty on whether they will last long. This news was first shared by Tricia Meyer and was confirmed by Shawn Collins.

The good news is that Pinterest is taking action against Amazon affiliate links as of now. Still, I feel there is a huge opportunity of marketing products through Pinterest and making some decent amount of money. I have my links perfectly placed and the money is rolling in. Are you already in the boat? Are you affiliate links deleted by Pinterest? Do share your experiences.

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