Headway 3 WordPress Theme is Here – My Review

Headway Themes have released their much awaited Headway 3.0 version of the theme. I use the Headway theme on all my blogs because it can be customized so easily. I don’t want my blogs to look like someone else’s and Headway helps me to get a unique blog design with ease and in minutes. To know more about Headway, you may read my post on why I think Headway is the best wordpress theme. Headway WordPress Theme is actually a framework using which you can build WordPress themes of your choice. The best thing about using the Headway framework is that you can build themes as per your choice without even touching or writing a single line of code. We usually don’t find WordPress themes that match 100% of what we need and Headway allows us to achieve just that.

What’s New in Headway 3.0

Before upgrading to or buying the Headway 3 theme, we all would like to know if it’s really worth it and does it have any added features. Here is what I found.

  1. Headway 3.0 is totally written from scratch and is faster than the earlier versions. The visual editor is faster and also the blog loading time becomes faster with Headway 3.0. Blog load time is responsible for the blog revenue and also search engine rankings.Headway 3.0 Theme
  2. Headway 3.0 features a grid system using which you can simply drag and drop blocks. Blocks can be used as sidebars, navigation bars, or anything you want on your blog. Want a wider sidebar? Simply drag the bar with your mouse and you are done. It’s really that simple.
  3. With Headway 3.0, you can now use child themes on your blog. The child themes are made by some of the top WordPress theme designers and are simply awesome. If you are a designer, simply create a theme and sell it on the Headway Marketplace to make some money.
  4. Dropping shadows, rounding of those edges and much more advanced features can achieved done using Headway 3.0. All this without even using a keyboard. No need to write a code anymore (sorry developers).
  5. Updating fonts, colors, backgrounds etc. and seeing them in real time has been the best feature of Headway themes and it is much faster and user friendly in Headway 3.0.
  6. Headway 3.0 also comes with an inbuilt SEO. This means you don’t need to use an additional plugin that takes care of your on-page SEO. Guys at Headway always keep themselves updated on changes in search engines like Google. SEO updates are accordingly made in the Headway theme and future updates are released. Simply Awesome!
  7. Not to mention, the Headway support staff is excellent and there are tons of resources online. I personally look for support and online resources before purchasing anything on the web and headway is good at it.

Headway Grid System Video:

I have personally looked and read a lot about other frameworks like Thesis and Genesis. All 3 frameworks have a very close competition but the with release of Headway 3.0, there is no doubt in my mind that Headway is the best.

The only drawback with Headway 3.0 is that you cannot upgrade to 3.0 from the previous versions. This is quiet obvious because the Headway 3.0 base is written from scratch. This is not much of a problem though as you can always upload Headway 3.0 as a new theme and use it. You can use Headway 3.0 on any size blog or even on single page affiliate websites. It woks perfectly well with whatever your needs are. All without writing a single line of code (Sorry again, developers).

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Headway 3.0 Preview Video:


13 Responses to Headway 3 WordPress Theme is Here – My Review

  1. Just built a blog for my husband with the last version of Headway. How easy or hard is it to install this new version on his blog and use it? REALLY not great at this tech stuff and am wondering if I have to start over from scratch when using a this new theme?

    • You will have to start from scratch if you are planning to use Headway 3.0. If you really like the current theme and are planning to keep it for some time then don’t go for the upgrade. Do it when you need a new look.

  2. I’ve been using Headway on multiple sites for over 2 years and am a big fan, but the premature release of 3.0 has introduced some unfortunate issues:

    > It was released too soon and is still buggy, so if you’re thinking of using it on an important site, you might want to wait a couple months. I have converted a test site to 3.0.4 in order to become familiar with the new theme before upgrading my important sites.

    > As of 01/01/2012 there is NO upgrade path from 2.x, though they say they will have one by February 1, so any existing 2.x sites have to be rebuilt from the ground up. Even after an upgrade path is available, upgraded sites may need some tweaking. I will wait for reviews of how well the upgrade path is working before upgrading my sites.

    > A really disappointing development is the way some of the Headway Team, particularly CEO Grant Griffiths and AJ Morris, are prone to behave like children on the Headway support forums, posting rude, condescending and insulting comments directed at users who are just trying to learn how to get the software to work for them. However, the other Headway support staff members, including HW Genius Clay Griffiths, are always cordial, patient and extremely helpful.

  3. I am the user of headway. I was happy with the old 2.0. I just installed the headway 3.0 recently, and it has been nightmare. I am not lying, because I am the actually user of headway. The grid does not work the way it said. First, it cant be draw from the spot you want. It only start from the left side. and the block cant be stretched from left to right or right to left. The button does not work. The only button works is DELETE button. it is a joke. but the 2.0 was pretty good.

  4. I have been using headway 2.0 and have done several sites with it. When they switched to 3.0 (released) I thought I would give it a go for a new site I am building. I have ti say it is so frustrating and buggy. I am going to switch back to 2.0 since I have not gone that far. I do not like it. They should have just made improvements to the 2.0 instead of trying to do a new one especially to early. I will wait to even update once yo can for at least 3 months if not longer. I have already had to much headache with headway 3.0

    • Have you upgrade to the 3.0.5? It has tons of bug fixes. Also, I have seen that people who have already used Headway’s earlier versions find the 3.0 not so good. The new version has lots of features and is pretty fast… you just need to play around a bit with it so that you can get used to it.

  5. +1 for Headway. I tried using some of the other WordPress builders but they either required coding or just didn’t work well. Do you plan to do a review of the latest version?

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