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On November 24, 2011
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MacKeeper helps your Mac work faster. Makes your Mac more secure and reliable. Has inbuilt Antivirus too!

I have been a windows user till 2009. I have used linux at times but that was only when I was at my day job. I bought a Macbook pro in 2009 and I love working on it. When I switched to Mac OS, I was under the impression that  this operating system is not affected by any virus. I was wrong though. You can get infected by a virus when you are using Mac OS too. Working on Mac OS cannot be that easy if you are used to the Windows operating system. The main problem that I faced at the earlier days was uninstallation of applications.

Few days back, I came across this application called MacKeeper by ZeoBIT. I saw a couple of features and immediately went ahead and downloaded it. Like all other free applications, few of the features for MacKeeper were locked and a purchase was required. I saw the price and expected it to be around $300 but it wasn’t the case. The cost is only $39.95 for lifetime and this was a good price for something that helps me keep me Macbook fast, clean and secure. The features for MacKeeper are amazing and after using it for the first time, I thought of writing few good things about it on this blog.


I. Security

  1. Anti Virus: MacKeeper comes with an AntiVirus so you are protected from all the latest virus. But like I said this was not something I was mainly looking for. MacKeeper has an inbuilt antivirus system which works like any other antivirus. The Antivirus auto-updates itself so that your machine is 100% protected from the latest virus.
  2. Anti-Theft: MacKeeper also has an in-build anti-theft feature. This means that incase you lose your Macbook, you will be able to track it’s location. Not only this, you will also get pictures of the person using your Macbook. Apart from this, you will get a call and email alerts on what is happening with your favorite laptop. This feature is really good for people who travel with their laptops. You don’t need to worry anymore because MacKeeper will trace and find your laptop for you once it is lost.

II. Awesome Data Control

This is another brilliant feature that comes with the MacKeeper. The data control features of MacKeeper include:

  1. Data Encryptor: Very useful for people who share their laptops and computers. The data encryptor in MacKeeper allows you to hide files and/or keep them password protected. Hiding and password protecting the files is very simple. Just choose a password and add files/folders to the Data Encryptor list. This means only you can see and access those files and no-one else.
  2. Files Recovery: Another feature which is really helpful when you are in a critical situation. We often delete files by mistake and then cry over it. The truth is that these files are not gone forever and can be recovered using tools. MacKeeper has an inbult file recovery tool which will recover files which have been deleted from the trash (recycle bin) too. Another reason to delete files without thinking twice now. 🙂
  3. Scheduled Backups: This is not an easy task but with the MacKeeper it can be done with a few clicks. Just add the files and folders to your backup list and all your data will be automatically backed up as per your schedule. You can store data directly on an external drive. Very useful feature to free up your disk space and have data backed up somewhere else.
  4. Shredder: Just like the paper shredder, this feature removes your files permanently from your machine. Not a single trace is left behind.
  5. ZeoDisk: This feature is not yet available but will be released soon. Works like iCloud where you can store your data online.Speed Make Mac Faster

III. Cleaning

  1. Fast Cleanup: MacKeeper’s fast cleanup feature cleans up unwanted files from the Mac quickly and safely. Most of the applications downloaded from the Internet come with unwanted files. These files are usually meant to be used for windows and are not needed for Mac OS. Fast Cleanup scans the system for such files and frees the disk space.
  2. Duplicates Finder:  We often download same files from the Internet and leave them as it is. I personally get irritated when In see file, file (1), file (2) on my machine. Opening each file and folder to check if these are real duplicates can really be more irritating. The Duplicates Finder feature in MacKeeper finds all duplicate or similar files even if they have different file names. Just let the duplicates finder  find the duplicate files for you so that you can delete them without thinking twice.
  3. Files Finder: When starting with a Mac, it can really be hard to understand where all files and folders are placed. The files finder helps in finding files with ease. Works well for searching all files of a type too. For eg. Find all audio files on the computer.
  4. Disk Usage: Another great feature. Lists all files and folders and assigns a color to them as per the size. This helps in knowing what files are using maximum space on the disk.
  5. Wise Uninstaller: The best feature according to me. With a Mac, you can get a bit excited and download all the awesome apps available on the Internet. It can be a real pain to remove these applications fully from your machine. MacKeeper’s Wise Uninstaller removes the application fully so that no trace of the application is left behind. One of the features why I initially downloaded the MacKeeper.

IV. Optimization

  1. Update Tracker: Lists and shows all your application and marks them with different colors. An application in red means its outdated and needs an update. All applications can be updated with a single click. This ensures that all applications on your Mac are up to date.
  2. Login Items: Tell the MacKeeper what applications to open when your Mac starts. Remove the unwanted ones and fasten the boot up process.
  3. Default Apps: Associate files with applications. Helps when you have two or more applications which can handle different files. For eg. Open all .png files with preview and not paint brush.

V. Geek On Demand

If you are not a technical person and want help on how to use MacKeeper, you can get all the technical help for FREE. Geek On Demand will give answers to all your questions within 48 hours. All subscriptions paid and free are eligible for free technical help. Paid subscriptions for the MacKeeper include chat and phone support.

If you have a slow Macintosh machine and are planning for an upgrade, I would recommend you to download and use MacKeeper first. The investment is just around $40 but the benefits are huge and you might change your decision to upgrade your hardware or go for a new machine altogether. Thus, saving you lots of money.
MacKeeper is an all in one solution for Mac users like me. All these features inside one software is really awesome. A good anti-virus for Mac would alone cost minimum of $50 and we get so much for just $39.95. MacKeeper is highly recommended by me as it will secure and optimize your Mac machine at a very low cost.

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MacKeeper helps your Mac work faster. Makes your Mac more secure and reliable. Has inbuilt Antivirus too!

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