One of The Best WordPress Themes – Headway Review

Headway Theme Review

How many times have you spent hours and even days searching for a nice wordpress theme that suits your need? Are you even 100% satisfied with the wordpress theme you are using right now? I am sure that most of us are never 100% satisfied with our website or blog themes. Lot of us cannot do much changes or cannot afford buying a new wordpress theme. The worst happens when you think you have a perfect theme for your blog and then you come across 20 other blogs or websites which are using the same theme. Lot of themes are sold to multiple users and unique themes can cost lot of money.

I personally had such problems. I got in touch with a few people but their charges were quiet high. Spending around $700 – $1500 for a unique wordpress theme does not seem to be a good deal for me. I say this keeping in mind the fact that I am good at hacking and tweaking codes. But you are left with pretty less options once you cannot code or design. The only options left are to either spend lot of money for a unique blog design or end up using themes that are used by 20,000 other people in the blogosphere.

A few days back I came across this excellent thing for wordpress called the Headway Theme. Headway is not exactly a wordpress theme. Headway is kind of a framework using which you can build a theme as per your choice. The best thing about Headway is that even people with absolutely no coding skills can build a theme of their choice. If you have been following this blog then you might have seen some changes happening in the theme. It takes me around 5 minutes to make these changes. The advantages of using the Headway theme are many. I am listing a few of the advantages which will interest lot of you guys. All these changes can be done without using any form of coding or getting in to a source code. Headway has a visual editor using which you can change things as if you are customizing a word document or a ppt.

  1. Sidebars – How many times have you liked a wordpress theme but you wished it had one more sidebar on it? With Headway you can have as many sidebars as you wish by just clicking a few buttons. With Headway, you can also have horizontal sidebars and you can load widgets in it. The top bar on my blog right now is a sidebar loaded with three different widgets.
  2. Blog/Sidebar width – Lot of people are interested in 100% blog width. I personally like to have 100% width on some of my sites to make use of every portion of the page. With Headway, you can easily customize your blog width. You can also change and adjust the width of your sidebar and the main section as per your needs.
  3. Colors – Like changing the colors on your blog? You can do it in less than 2 minutes with Headway. You can change font, menu, title, background and in fact every color of your blog theme just by a few clicks. No need to buy or download a new theme ever again!
  4. Fonts – Just like colors, you can change your blog fonts using the Headway visual editor. The best part here is that whatever changes you make using the visual editor, all can be immediately seen. You can save your changes once you are satisfied with the changes done.

These are a few basic things that you can do with Headway. There are hundreds of other different things like a fluid menu, fluid header and lots of other things which can be done using Headway WordPress Theme.

The cost of this super excellent theme is $87 and you can be used on two blogs of yours. This means the cost of the theme is just $43.50 per blog. That’s around ten times lesser than a basic unique blog design cost in the market. Headway also has a $167 option which allows you to use the theme on UNLIMITED blogs. The $167 option is the developer version and is quiet amazing. You can remove the footer credits and use the theme for your clients if you are in any kind of relevant business using the developer option. The Headway theme can save you loads of time in developing and designing a theme for your client. For bloggers and website owners who don’t know much about coding, Headway is an excellent option to get a theme as per your wish.

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9 Responses to One of The Best WordPress Themes – Headway Review

  1. Interesting post.
    I spent a lot of time to found WP theme for me. I decided for free wordpress theme Mandigo. I changed some PHP code and upload plugins and I’m satisfied – for now. Maybe one day I try Headaway theme.

    Thank you for this post.

  2. I never used Headway theme on my blog before, but I think it’s one of the better WordPress themes out there. I like as allows you to customize any aspect of the layout and design in a simple and fast way.

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