Save money and be cool – Use Ubuntu

UbuntuAs we all know, the market is suffering like crazy. This is the time only for people who know their job and can survive any kind of market position. I meet lot of people day in and day out, some are very scared of losing business or losing jobs whereas others are just living their lives as they always did. Talking about the first halves makes no sense as the entire world is giving them tips (BS). I am here to discuss things about the other half. The other half are people who know how to save money and work as they did 2 years ago. The idea is quiet simple…Just cut down on cost. If you are not a business man then give such ideas to your boss and he will in turn ensure that your job with him is secured

The main idea here is to think different…think something out of the box. we are talking of saving money and we can do it if we have some positive attitude and accept some major changes. Coming to the point of discussion…I am in India and India has known for its pirated softwares forever. Things have changed now. India now has Anti Piracy Software divisions who are hunting down companies and individuals who are running pirated copies of software. No marks for guessing, the first inline is Microsoft Windows. Lot of them are already getting messages of the non genuine copy and are still ignoring it assuming that nothings gonna happen. If you got that message and are still ignoring then think twice. All I can say is that ‘You are Watched’.

People are getting traced and are forced to buy windows licenses. There is no penalty but a genuine and honest but forecful option for you to buy a windows xp license which costs around RS 6000.

Ready to pay 6K? Then don’t read this post. If you wanna save 6K for something productive then go ahead an order or download a copy of UBUNTU.

I myself have been a linux freak since some years and would have never ever recommended Linux for any of my desktop users. Things have changed now and I would say that people should move to UBUNTU. Its a very user friendly operating system which is FREE OF COST. You can order your CDs from their website absolutely free and use it.

I know and agree to the fact that it is not as easy as Windows but think again…Its free for you… I would be glad to help you with your issues with UBUNTU. Just leave a cooment below.



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