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Today, we take a look at Scribe software that provides SEO services for the websites. Scribe analyses your blog posts and web pages for keyword usage and guides you on how to tweak your content so as to grab the attention of search engines all while maintaining your writing quality. It won’t be wrong to call Scribe as an SEO expert for your blog. If believed to thousands of users and their feedback, Scribe Content works incredibly well.

If you are a blogger, you might surely know that after releasing the recent updates, Google has started evaluation of your content in the context of your entire website. Google now evaluates your content according to its relevance with your entire website. The page with more relevant content will be ranked well than one with less relevance. In a nutshell, page ranking is based on how topical your content is, in context of your entire website.

Scribe By Copy Blogger Review

Scribe is different from other SEO plugins which ask for the focus keyword / Keyword phrase for your content. Scribe rather analyses your already written content and helps you optimizing it for search engines.

Scribe is basically works in three easy steps:

  • Scribe Keyword Research
  • Scribe Content Optimizer
  • Scribe Link Building

Scribe helps you to understand what search engine is looking for. Once you are done with your content it helps you in detailed keyword research. To use the Scribe Content you first have to choose a keyword for your post. You can then do research on that particular keyword using Scribe Keyword Research option. The program then gives you various keyword ideas, its popularity and the competition.

The Scribe Content Optimizer then analyzes your post, keywords and your other SEO entries. After a detail analysis, the program gives you scores on your keyword optimization and also gives suggestions to improve optimization scores. Detailed analysis and expert suggestions help you to rank your post in search engine for that particular keyword. It also suggests post tags to add in your post.

Scribe Link Building further helps you to cross link your web content within your own site to increase usability. The most popular link building strategies are very time-consuming and tricky, but Scribe does it all for you. It also helps you to build back-links for your website.

Scribe Review

Scribe For WordPress:

You require Scribe plugin and WordPress version 2.8.4 or later in order to run it on the WordPress platform. In addition to this, Scribe also requires a custom title tag and Meta description in WordPress. You need to download WordPress SEO plugins or frameworks that allows you to enter a title tag and Meta description.

Supported SEO Plug-Ins:

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast
  • FV All In One
  • All In One SEO Pack (free and pro version)
  • HeadSpace2
  • WP-SEO
  • Platinum SEO Pack
  • SEO Ultimate

Supported Frameworks:
In case you don’t want to use any of above listed plugins, then following frameworks will also work for you. The theme of your site runs on one of the following frameworks for WordPress.

  • Catalyst framework and associated themes
  • Thesis framework and child themes
  • Genesis framework and StudioPress themes
  • Headway framework and child themes
  • Hybrid framework and child themes
  • Frugal framework and child themes
  • WooThemes framework and child themes

Scribe For Microsoft Word:

You can access Scribe from your favorite content editor tool. It includes all the command of Scribe’s keyword research, content analysis and built-in custom Microsoft Word templates to help you to simply optimize your entire online within the Microsoft Word.

Scribe Evaluation:

The evaluation is calculated based on each time you analyze your pages or overall site content is combined with the Scribe optimization algorithm. Scribe plan with respect to the amount of content optimized per month:

  • Agency: 900 evaluations per month (around 180-300 pages or posts)
  • Professional: 300 evaluations per month (around 75-100 pages or posts)
  • Enterprise: Differs according to each custom plan

Money Back Guarantee:

Once you are logged in to your Scribe account post subscribing, then click on “Cancel My Account” on the upper navigation of the page to end your subscription within 30 days to claim for money back from the company.

Scribe Subscription:

You will get an ongoing content marketing and SEO ebooks, webinars, as well as other educational modes that can help you to get even more out of Scribe, plus technical support through the myScribe system.

Bottom Line:

Scribe might not be perfect for everyone but is surely the best tool for all those who own a website with huge content and are concerned about SEO. Scribe is made by one the most popular bloggers in the world who runs a blog at

If you are well aware of the SEO techniques and its usability, you might not want to spend on Scribe but then again it saves your precious time which you can use to focus on other important aspects of blogging.

Start building awesome search engine optimized content with Scribe.


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