Bing Integrates Facebook Data in Search Results

In November last year, I made a post on how a Facebook search engine can give tough competition to Google. Google search results are based on their algorithm which we know can go wrong at times. A Facebook search result can simply be based on what your friends have seen and liked with respect to what you are searching for. For eg. If I am looking for a nice sports bar in my area, the search would rank places my Facebook friends have been to. The search results can also rank pages and websites my friends have liked. There are so many options and it will be surely be lot personalized for me.

No one is not yet sure if Facebook is coming up with a search engine but Bing has started doing what I had mentioned earlier. Bing has started integrating Facebook data in their search results. As of now, I can only see a thumbs up for websites my friends on Facebook have liked but there is much more to this according to this post.

Bing Using Facebook data

In the above screenshot, you can see a thumbs up next to the search title. When I put my mouse on the thumbs up icon, I can see how many of my Facebook friends have liked that particular page. This tells me that it is not only bing who thinks this page is more relevant, but also my friends think that this website is pretty cool. Of course, you need to sign in to Facebook and allow Bing to display this data for you which is interesting for sure.

It is now clear that a solid social media presence is very important for SEOs and website owners. Having more likes and involvement on social media sites likes Google +, Facebook and twitter will give your websites more exposure and higher rankings.

Are you using the social media power yet? If not, maybe my post on social media assets for your website can help you to get started.

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