Secret Rolls Out Reward Program For Hackers Who Can Find Out Bugs In Its App

The team behind the content sharing app called Secret has announced one program, which is meant for hackers to find and fix the bugs in its mobile app before it is available to the general public.

The launch of the program comes after a snapshot revealed on Twitter, which shows that it linked a user’s email address to posts that they had shared through the app. The Secret team has not only fixed the bug immediately, but also decided to release the bug reward program for hackers around the world.

The makers of Secret app decided to work with hackers, asking them to reproduce and respond to genuine vulnerabilities. The team is also asking researchers to contribute in the process of identifying those vulnerabilities and working with them closely.

Secret team wants researchers to perform its best to violate user privacy, demolish data or degrade its service. The program also includes not accessing or violating any data, that does not belong to the users or sharing it with the public before solution.

There have been lots of reports about hacks and attacks on other apps as well, which promise anonymity that expose user information. Last December, Snapchat incident information was connected to 4.6 million of its users. It took more than a week for Snapchat to apologize for that issue. Snapchat released additional security features to make sure that similar incident doesn’t occur again in future.

The entire idea behind the Secret team’s program is to take an upbeat approach to find and eliminate any potential issues in the app, which could expose user’s identity or link secrets to them. This kind of protection is essential in an app in where users share the content anonymously with each other.

Secret team is excited to work with great researchers and they are expecting maximum feedbacks from them.

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