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Being an affiliate marketer, it is very important for me to look at offer pages, advertisements and websites using an IP address from another country. Not all offers or advertisements are available for every country and hence it is not possible for everyone to view all Ads or websites without changing the IP address. I was using the Proxy 202 service some time back which is free and was brilliant round about a year ago. Services by Proxy 202 have been bad since then and it was time to stick to a paid Virtual Private Network (VPN).

What is a Virtual Private Network or VPN?

You can search on the Internet if you are looking for a technical definition of VPN. For me VPN is something that assigns a foreign country IP address to my network. This means that once I am on a US VPN, the websites I go to, see me as a visitor from United States and if I am on a UK VPN, websites see me as a visitor from UK.

Why Would You Need a VPN?

You would know the answer if you are an Affiliate Marketer already. Other reasons would be to access a website or content which is not available from your country. A simple example would be difference between and A person typing in from India gets redirected to because his IP tells Google that the visitor is from India. So if I start my US VPN, I would go to when I type in because Google will see me coming from the United States. This will allow me to see search results on which can be different from search results displayed on Pretty useful for SEOs.

PureVPN Solutions

PureVPN – Fast Secure and The Best

I have researched for lot of such services and I was amazed to see that PureVPN is the BEST in providing virtual private network services. Their rates are lower than others and the number of countries available is good.

Benefits of using PureVPN:

  • Your computer gets a new IP address of US, UK, Germany Canada and France.
  • You get a layer of security and of course, Anonymity.
  • Removes speed capping from local ISP.
  • Hides your local IP address.
  • Compatible with all chat messengers and other softwares including Skype.
  • All this for just $4.58 monthly.

PureVPN has different packages and you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Pure VPN PlansOne of the best things is that PureVPN works on almost all operating systems. Just download your dialer and choose the country you want to connect through. It’s that simple.

If you are a bit reluctant, you can also choose a 3 day Trial offer which gives you same benefits as a regular account.

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  1. Thank you for this post about proxys, I really was not sure what they were, but people kept telling me I should be using one.

    I can clearly see now why I would need to use one, thanks for the link, I shall go check it now.


  2. Experts predict that the VPN will continue to grown in popularity as businesses to save money on remote network access for employees. There is many reasons that predict great future for VPNs:
    •Works for PC on Windows /Linux/Mac OS
    •Works for mobile on Android/Windows/Mobile/iPhone/Blackberry/Symbian
    •High level of SSL encryption
    •Work over any type of Internet connections (Cable, DSL, dial up, Satellite, Wi-Fi, etc)
    •Eliminating the need for expensive long-distance leased lines
    •Reducing long-distance telephone charges
    •Offloading support costs
    •Minimum hardware requirements
    •Can provide you with dedicated IP address with which people protect their privacy and surf anonymous without provider logs

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