Does Your SEO Company Give You This Crap?

Recently, I met an old colleague of mine who is running a small business. We talked about what we were doing and then He got interested in the business I am in. He was interested because He wants to popularize his products on the Internet. He does not have a website yet but He has gathered lot of information from various “SEO” companies. I was really shocked while I was listening to all this conversation. At some point, I thought maybe I had no clue of SEO and at other point I thought of hanging up because of all this wrong information that was getting inside my brain.


I had to go for a meeting but I thought I could delay it for a while because this conversation was getting really interesting. Later, when I got some time, I researched on some SEO companies around my location and started talking to them one by one. Again, I was surprised to see so many SEO companies come up in such a short amount of time. I spoke to a few of them and after finishing my calls I literally had my head lying on my desk for five minutes. Apart from the shock, I also felt sorry for the clients these so-called “SEO Experts” have. Most of these SEO companies can only give 2 things to the Internet. One is CRAP & second is SPAM!

Here are some of the shockers that I got while talking to the SEO companies:

  • We can guarantee that your website will be on first page of Google in XX amount of days.
  • You need a dedicated server to rank high.
  • We can rank your website high without having access to it (No On-page SEO needed).
  • We can rank your website but you need to get it re-done and hosted by us. (The hosting cost was 10 times more than a shared hosting would usually cost).
  • We have contacts in Google who can help us rank higher.
  • Your website will be on plus/minus 3 spots for a year even after service ends.
  • We have these packages. 1000 backlinks for $X, 10,000 backlinks for $X etc. The more backlinks you have, higher will your website rank.
  • We are the best because we rank no.1 on Google for “XDERVALEFADELANED SEO Services”. I almost fainted after hearing this.
  • We are “Google Certified”. What they actually mean is that they are “AdWords Certified”. WOW! Really? Does that really have to do much with SEO?
  • We add thousands of Facebook likes to your page. I remember a SEO company CEO ask me on how to get fake Facebook likes. They get paid for the number of likes they can deliver on their client’s Facebook Fan page. NO! We are not talking of quality, engagement of anything of that sort. Get paid for likes. Simple!
  • We have a 100% money back guarantee. No rankings = No money. Sounds good, but what about all the bad things you have done to my website while working on its backlinks?

One SEO company which is very famous in India actually got very technical and explained me a method. This guy who was talking to me works at a very senior level and He told me about a method which according to him, no one in India knows about. I extended the conversation with this guy only to know that He was talking about creating doorway pages. The best thing was that He thinks it is 100% legitimate.

Next time, I am thinking of making notes while I talk to the SEO companies. I am sure there will be a lots of more interesting stuff.

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2 Responses to Does Your SEO Company Give You This Crap?

  1. An eye opening and must read post for newbie affiliate marketers specifically Indian marketers. I couldn’t stop my laugh throughout the post :D. What was your reply to them after their consultation?

    BTW, last year I became a victim of so called SEO company I outsourced form I invested $250 nearly Rs. 12,000 then and the result was shocking, my 4 month old website was deindexed by Google within a day :(. From then onwards I stay away from such services and do my SEO myself.

  2. I just said I’ll get back…. some of them had no clue on what they are talking about.

    Sorry to hear about your website. It really sucks if your website gets deindexed when you have put so much hard work and effort in it.

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