How Disabling The All in One SEO Plugin Increased My Blog Traffic

The traffic on my blog usually goes up when I post quiet frequently. This is true for almost all blogs and websites. Frequent updates to the blog or website means you have fresh content which search engines and your readers love. Recently, I was on a business trip to Singapore due to which the updates on his blog of mine were not regular. I was expecting some drop in the blog traffic but surprisingly, this did not happen. In fact, the traffic to this blog increased by 20% although there were little to no updates.

First, I thought it’s just a coincidence. I checked all the traffic source and I was happy to see all traffic coming from Google. I spoke to my employees about this and one of them informed me about disabling the All In One SEO plugin. This blog of mine is not a huge money maker and we do all kind of experiments here to see how things change. I had spoken with one of my SEOs about disabling the All in One SEO plugin some time back. We decided to go head and try the built-in SEO inside the Headway theme. We started getting some good results within ten days and there is no reason to go back to any SEO plugin now. Also, one less plugin means the blog will load a bit faster.

The Headway theme on this blog has some cool SEO options which can be of great help to the blog. I can have customized meta tags and title tags for every post. This means I can include my keywords in the meta description of a blog post which will help me rank higher on search engines. There are plugins which can do this for you, but why add another plugin when your theme can do it for you. The best thing out here is the preview that you get to see of your blog post. You can see how your post or page will look in the search engine results and you can easily change the content that will be displayed.

Headway Theme SEO
I am not really sure of lot of other themes allow such kind of customization. With whatever I have read on the Internet, the thesis wordpress theme is something that is very close to Headway but people who have used both the themes have found Headway much better and user friendly. I would recommend the Headway Theme to every blog owner to get the most out of their blogs. Headway has some awesome customization options and the built-in SEO beats most of the SEO plugins out there. If you already own the Headway theme, I would recommend you to try their built-in SEO options. I am sure you will see some good increase in your traffic.

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7 Responses to How Disabling The All in One SEO Plugin Increased My Blog Traffic

  1. soulcare says:

    Detailed & very helpful for bloggers.

  2. Kristoffer says:

    Great tip! I use headway for some of my sites as well. It’s really good and customizable. Another great one is Thesis.

  3. Navya says:

    Hi Harshad,

    I was just shocked by reading your Title that How could you increased your blog traffic by deactivating the most important All in one SEO plugin!! After reading I have come to know about this Headway Theme, I will just check it out!!

    Thank You

  4. Peter says:

    Wow, I didn’t know the built-in SEO would actually be better than the All In One SEO Pack plugin. I’m also using Headway and I’m really satisfied with it.

  5. Jason says:

    People write things like this to simply get you to try theirs is all. As an SEO Expert I can tell you that only one is even in the same field as All In One SEO. Platinum SEO, is the only good alternative. This guy just simply wants you to try his is all, so ignore the ignorance of a black hat sales tactic.

  6. roger says:

    I am new to affiliate marketing.
    You wrote about affiliate theme.
    Here you write about Headway theme.
    Which is better for affiliate marketing?

    • Affiliate theme is good for a single page landing page or a something like a review site. Headway theme is good for a bigger website. Both themes are excellent for affiliate marketing.

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