How Does Google Treat Links in The Footer

Lot of times you might get an offer to get a link back from a website or a blog and it can be a wise decision to have a link in an article rather than on footer. It is obvious that a link back from an article looks a lot natural then the one in footer. Links in footer usually raise a flag towards being paid links. It need not necessarily be a paid link and there is no way to verify it and hence having a link back from an article is always safer.

In the video below, Matt Cutts explains how links in footer are treated by Google.

4 Responses to How Does Google Treat Links in The Footer

  1. Best Media says:

    I dont allow any links my footer and always try and stay clear of them

  2. Navya says:

    Hi Harshad,
    I’m a newbie Thank you so much for the wonderful suggestion.I’m not having any links in the footer of my sites but I have an idea of including links in the footer, but now I”l drop..

  3. Syconet says:

    Great info. I will be careful.

  4. Dimitris says:

    I usually reserve footer space for useful links about the site. This is where most people look for the site map, the communication page, the FAQ or the About me.

    I don t see any reason why someone would put random links on his footer.

    A link would be more useful and relevant inside a specific article, review or something like that.

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