Ignoring Other Search Engines can be a Big Mistake

Other Search Engine OptimizationI have seen webmasters care a lot about Google and yes it is absolutely OK to impress Google more than any other search engine. I have a slightly different opinion on this when it comes to websites that are selling other’s products. When I says websites selling other’s products, I mean websites that are also eBay, Amazon or CJ affiliates. Getting good ranking on Yahoo or MSN is much easier than getting on top in Google. I would say that 70% of people use Google and 30% use MSN or Yahoo. As a webmaster I always target the MSN and Yahoo users rather than spending days & nights on getting good ranking on Google.

Search engines like MSN (Live.com now) and Yahoo still give lot of importance to the On Page SEO. This means lot of importance is still given to your meta tags, keywords, alt tags etc. This makes my job a lot easier to rank high on these search engines. Why does it make my job easier? Simply because I don’t have to rely on third party backlinks over which I do not have much control.

Its also a known fact that Google kinda hates affiliate websites which do nothing much but redirect users to a sales or auction page. Optimizing such websites for other search engines just by following some basic On page SEO rules can do wonders.  Also, lets not forget the most important thing. Microsoft Windows which is the most widely used operating system comes with Live.com as its default search engine on Internet Explorer. This means that there are millions of people who would be researching on Live.com and not Google. These are a bit less tech savvy people who did not bother to download and install some other browser and/or use something like Google Search. Converting these not so tech savvy people using your affiliate links is way too easier compared to converting someone who knows that he can also buy this product by directly going to THAT particular website.

I have a website which is actually BANNED from Google. This is a website which I totally ignored after it was de-indexed by Google. It was using Build a Niche Store script. I had mentioned about Google De-Indexing BANS websites then. I never bothered about this site but let me tell you that the website still makes around $200 per month for me. This is without any time or money spent on the website since 8-10 months.

So the fact is not to cry if Google is not appreciating your website. Just forget about Google and start concentrating more on the other search engines. I would recommend all affiliate marketers and webmasters to see how their website ranks for a particular keyword on Live (MSN search) or Yahoo. Also, do not forget other smaller search engines as well.

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  1. This is defiantely true. I write on Hubpages and have my own blogs, and I get more traffic from non-Google search engines than I do from Google, despite the fact that Google is the dominant search engine, especially in the UK, which is what most of my articles are based on. In addition, my pages seem to appear high in the Yahoo and Live rankings quicker than Google.

    Matt Green´s last blog post..Infobarrel and Tagfoot – two new ways of making money online

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