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If you are reading this blog since 2006, you must be aware that this blog originally started with domain Later, I changed the domain name to and then I got this domain It’s obvious that when you change your domain name, you need to redirect the old domain to the new using the 301 permanent redirect method so that you don’t lose any traffic. But, the question is how long would you keep it that way?

303 Redirect Old Domain New Domain

When I change my domain names this is what usually do

1. I checked for on Google everyday. I knew I would keep the redirect till Google says there are no pages for This is exactly opposite of some people do. People would check if their pages on new domain are crawled which in my opinion is important but not with regards to the old domain.

2. I would never remove the redirect if my original domain had good backlinks or direct traffic. My domain had some good direct traffic and also some good backlinks. I don’t want people to land on a 404 error page when they try to visit my blog. My blog was hosted on that domain name for years and there are people who still type to visit this blog. I definitely don’t want to lose that traffic and hence you can see is still redirected to This is not the case with because it had a very few backlinks and the blog was hosted with that domain for a short time.

I have seen people not use the redirect method at all while some people would remove the redirect once they see a few pages being crawled by search engines. If you are looking to get in to a new niche and use the old domain for that niche then I would recommend you to keep the domain as it is and start adding new relevant content to it. This means, you should be ready to completely forget about the old domain for at least 6 months or one year and should not use it.

Matt Cutts from Googles gives some insight on this topic:

Have you changed your domains and used the 301 redirect method? How was your experience?

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  1. Hi Harshad I recently changed my domain name from to but didn’t make it my primary domain. I still keep seeing for results of themomviews also. Also my alexa rank for the new blog is still not there even with 301 redirects. Have notified google about change of address and submitted the new sitemap too but still confused. Can you suggest something?

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