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I have been automating my on-page SEO with SEOPressor wordpress plugin since a few days now and the results achieved are pretty awesome. Few years back, it was easy to rank on search engines. Not just because search engines like Google were not strict, also because almost every other website  was made using a different platform. It’s end of the year 2010 and almost every website we see out there is using wordpress. There is no doubt that wordpress is the best platform to make a blog or a website. WordPress is good for SEO and some plugins makes our life more easier. All these easy tools and plugins have increased competition between websites as it has become some what easy to optimize websites for SEO.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization includes on-page optimization and off-page optimization. We all know that on-page optimization is something that is in our hands and can be achieved. So how easy is on-page search engine optimization? There are people out there who are still not sure how it can be done. People like me do know how it can be done but what if I can automate that too? Automation does save lot of time and a tool that can automate on-page SEO for my blog can be awesome.


What is SEOPressor

SEOPressor is one such tool that automates on-page search engine optimization. SEOPressor is a wordpress plugin that will give your page an SEO score and make changes to your keywords automatically. Some of the most important aspects of on-page SEO is to make your keywords bold, italics, underline etc. There are a few more aspects which you might not be aware of and SEOPressor takes care of all that. SEOPressor will make or recommend changes to the blog post using which you can achieve an SEO score of 100% for your post. These changes give me that extra edge which can easily beat other websites which are in competition.

This is how SEOPressor works:

Let’s imagine I am writing a blog post on Apple iPhones and the keyword or key phrase for the blog post is Apple iPhone. As soon as I write the post, SEOPressor will automatically make changes to the post making it fully optimized for search engines. These changes itself can make a huge difference to my blog rankings and rank me pretty high. Imagine all blog posts on my blog optimized this way. The kind of traffic that can be achieved is unbelievable. I am using SEOPressor on my affiliate websites and the traffic and sales have increased by a good margin since then.

The options available in SEOPressor are pretty neat. You can choose to make changes manually or let SEOPressor do it for you. I know how it feels when our website ranks on first page of Google but is not able to climb up to the no. 1 position. With SEOPressor this is possible.

Watch the video below to see SEOPressor in action. The top ranking websites are already using it and so can you. Get a copy of SEOPressor and shoot your website rankings easily.

Get SEOPressor – The Revolutionary WordPress Plugin

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