What Business Owners Need to Know About SEO

Every business owner needs a website no matter what kind of business he is in to. Many people still feel that having a Facebook page or a free website can be their only presence online. This is absolutely wrong and I have already explained it in earlier posts. Getting your business online is very important and nowadays it is easy too. Getting serious with that online website you have is more important and will give you that edge over your competitors.

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So now you have a website and you obviously need some visitors to the site so that you can get some clients or sell your products. So what options do you have to bring in those visitors? Ranking high on Google? You’ve seen an SEO company claim that they can get our website rank high. Will it be a good choice to hire them?

Know what you want and at what cost

Many people fail to understand that getting potential clients or buyers should be their main objective and not just ranking high on Google. An SEO company might be able to rank you no.1 on Google by charging you a few hundred dollars but what if your ranking falls down later? Will you hire the same company again? Are you making any profits with such an investment? With current scenarios it would be very difficult and most of the times impossible. Ranking high on search engines for long duration will not be possible unless you know your SEO or you are spending high amount of money on regular basis.

The other option that you have is to spend a small amount on advertising and make those profits. Yes, SEO might be able to help you in a longer run but it can also harm you in a longer run. Hence, spending small money on advertising can sometimes be a better option as compared to spending monthly on SEO services.

Choose the right keywords and key phrases

Once you have decided to go for SEO services, it is very important to get some knowledge on what SEO will do to our business. SEO companies have no clue about your business. I have seen companies just ask you for your keywords and straight away start their work on optimizing those keywords. No one knows or bothers to know why such a keyword or phrase is being optimized. The end result is wastage of time and money. It might be hard to believe but I have seen people have no clue when SEOs ask them about keywords. Business owners end up giving keywords which will make no sense even if their websites rank high for such keywords. I remember talking to a Dentist who was ranked no.1 on Google by an SEO company for his last name. The SEO company did the job and took their money. But how did that benefit the Dentist? Ranking high for his name did not make much difference to his business. Instead, the SEO company should have educated him on thinking about ranking high for key phrase like ‘Dentist in City’. Hence, it is very important to choose your keywords and discuss the same with your SEO company.

Choose the right SEO company

Choosing the right SEO company can be the worst job to ever do. There are so many SEO companies and you can see huge differences in their fees. Most of the business owners compare SEO rates and the service provided which is a big mistake. The best way to know your SEO company is by seeing their work. But people can show someone else’s work claiming that it is done by them. True. Lot of my work was shown by SEO companies saying it was done by them. So how do you know if the SEO company is not lying? There are two ways to do this. The first way is pretty simple but not 100% fool proof. Your SEO tells you that a particular website is ranking high for a keyword and its their work. To make sure that it is their work, you can send an email to the website owner and ask about what SEO services were chosen and do they really recommend them. By doing this you would know the real facts.

The second way of knowing your SEO company is a bit lengthy but will help you 100%. Before giving SEO job for your main site, ask your SEO company to work on a not so important website or page of yours. See their work and check your rankings daily. This will show you whether your SEO is doing the right job. Again, don’t just compare the rates or number of backlinks an SEO company will provide. Such things make no sense and will never help you increase your business. But first, think twice about really needing SEO for your website.


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2 Responses to What Business Owners Need to Know About SEO

  1. Wonder why you are not posting regularly nowadays. I am missing my daily dose of awesome knowledge these days. Hope everything is well.

  2. Hi Harshad,

    Be diligent with your SEO company research. Excellent advice here.

    As a newbie – like, 3 weeks into my cash gifting career – I hired an outsourcer without doing any research. It did not go well.

    Totally my fault, of course. But I learned quickly: before you pay anybody to handle your marketing campaign learn more about them, the quality of their work.

    Also, realize that you can actually do some of this stuff yourself, and do a pretty damn good job of it.

    Reaching the first page of google means nothing unless your blog or squeeze page is properly optimized to encourage readers to sign up for your list. So SEO is one part of the equation.

    Build each post around a niche-specific keyword. Build your blog title and subheader around niche-specific keywords.

    Design with your target audience in mind. Create helpful, targeted content daily.

    Build your network. Share other people’s content. Some will do the same for you, expanding your presence and giving you a nice social media SEO boost too.



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