Why SEO is Not Just About Ranking High

Recently, I have been looking for some SEO options for my clients. I wanted to outsource this job to other SEO firms as I did not have much bandwidth in completing the tasks. This was be the first time where I had a serious look in to the options provided by the SEO companies. At the end, I was not able to choose any SEO company and in turn I convinced my client to spend much less on paid advertising and get much higher returns. These were my observations and I am having my say on it.


Every SEO firm should have Internet Marketers

If you are an SEO company, you should have Internet Marketers in your team. Your client is looking for the SEO option to bring in more visitors. When your client is talking about visitors, you should give him options about targeted visitors and how 10 targeted visitors are much better than 100 non-targeted visitors. Not everyone knows about Internet Marketing and providing such options to your client will impress him and the chances of you working with him for a long term are high. Some clients might still stick for SEO services and you should be able to provide those as well. SEO is becoming difficult day by day and getting in to Search Engine Marketing, Social media Marketing etc. can help a lot.

SEO is not only about Link Building

On asking about SEO services, most of the SEO firms sent me a link which has all their packages. The packages include different amount of backlinks. Higher backlinks meant high cost and everyone had monthly options where discounts were provided. On asking about quality and relevance, all of them said that the quality will be high and if I need relevant backlinks then I have to pay more. I was shocked to see people doing such business and I really feel pity for people who choose such services and expect to rank high on search engines. Companies that choose SEO firms to do their SEO job usually have no clue on what should be done and what should be done. I remember a person approaching me for SEO. His first question was how much would you charge for 1000 backlinks. I never replied back to this person because He had no clue on what He wants and it would had been very difficult to make him understand about the reality.

Lot of people think SEO is ONLY about backlinking. Build tons of backlinks and see your site rank high. Then they compare SEO firms on the basis of backlinks provided. This is so WRONG! SEO is not about backlinking or ranking high. SEO is about making more money for your clients. I know so many websites/companies ranking high but they are not making anything out of it. What’s the use of such SEO? In the next post, I will list down what a business need to see before opting for a SEO service.

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  1. Hi Harshad,

    SEO is about converting. Target traffic and prosper. Making money online is the end goal. No conversions no scratch. Smart advice here.

    Tweak your campaign if you are not seeing appreciable results. Target. Improve your conversions as your traffic becomes more targeted.


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