Small Sites Can Outperform Popular Ones In The Search Results: Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, in his latest webmaster video answered a question about improving search rankings of the websites. If you run a smaller website and even though you have great content, you aren’t getting as much traffic as compare to other well-known brand. What can webmasters do for small sites in such circumstances, in order to improve their rankings and outrank larger sites in the search results?

Matt Cutts disagreed with the fact that a national brand automatically leads to higher traffic and a better search ranking. Smaller sites are usually able to provide fresh content more quickly than popular sites.

In addition to that, he said smaller sites with superior content end up becoming the larger sites. Matt provided an example of Facebook, Instagram and even Google that ended up becoming large because they did a superior job of focusing on user experience and bringing more value.

Matt also said that if you’re delivering a better experience than your incumbent, then eventually you can expect to perform better. You also have to keep in mind that taking on a website with a full team will be complex if you’re just one person.

Focus your efforts on covering one function really well. As you grow you will be able to covering other areas of that niche and then grow even more. Matt refers to this as the ‘Katamari philosophy’.

If you go back and look at the history of the internet, you can see many examples of small sites outranking larger sites by working harder and at the end doing a better job. Matt recommends keeping providing superior content, because ultimately that’s one of the best methods to rank higher in search results.

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