Effective Viral Marketing Through Social Media

With more and more people using the Internet daily, the use of social media websites has risen significantly. As a result, viral marketing through this medium has become an extremely effective way to bring exposure to a business. Not only does viral marketing reach masses of people, it usually happens very quickly. Let’s now discuss how a simple advertising campaign can be turned into a full-blown viral marketing campaign by using various social media networks.


Characteristics of Viral Campaign

To be successful with viral marketing, it’s important to implement both creativity and uniqueness to create a viral buzz. To accomplish this, a company will need to showcase its personality and differentiate itself from other competitors.

For example, the car company Kia created a viral campaign that revolved around hamsters driving, rapping and dancing. The advertisements were fun and silly, and grabbed the attention of many people simply because of the absurdity. Along with this, the visual aesthetic was entertaining and made people laugh. By doing this, Kia was able to stand out from other vehicle manufacturers and establish itself as a fun-loving company.

Another example is Apple’s Mac vs. PC campaign where two men portrayed the traits of both computer types. It was relatively simple yet catchy and gave the obvious edge to Apple computers. Basically, a viral campaign can be done in a variety of ways, and what’s considered effective will differ between companies. The unifying element is overall cleverness and having the ability to stick in people’s’ minds.

Getting Started

In order to take a simple advertising campaign to the next level, it first requires a business to join some popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Tumblr. Typically, a business will need to have an attractive logo and slogan to place on each social media account. This way the business can be easily identified by its demographic and brand awareness can be raised.

Once accounts have been created, a business will need to post content to each page. For example, previously published content from a primary website or blog could be posted. To create a buzz, the content should be of excellent quality and provide an audience with real value. In some cases, this might be information that answers a question or solves a problem. Other times, it could be something that’s entertaining like a short video that introduces potential customers to the types of products or services that a company offers.


During the initial stages, it’s important to spend time networking with relevant businesses and individuals within one’s niche. This can involve following other profiles and interacting through comments, “likes”, “retweets”, etc. Doing so is an efficient way to build a following and gain exposure.

Once a reasonable following has been established, a business should experiment with different tactics like putting up recent news, using surveys, uploading videos, giving webinars or anything else that will excite people. It’s also important to interact with a company’s demographic by asking questions and responding to comments. Along with this, a business should encourage people to share their content as much as possible.

The idea is to post awesome content that’s unique and makes people want to share it. When this happens, virality can take place and a business can grow by leaps and bounds within a short period of time. In turn, sales volumes should increase and long-term customer can be acquired

Jennifer Carrigan writes on behalf of www.technology-colleges.info where you can become certified in online marketing and SEO to help businesses and people get the most from their social media presence.

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