Facebook Rolls Out “Donate” Button For Non-Profits

Facebook has introduced donation feature on Monday to make it easier for charitable contributions to the nonprofits. Facebook has partnered with 18 different non-profits including World Wildlife Fund, Boys & Girls Club of America and Livestrong Foundation. Facebook is also planning to add more partners in future.

The “Donate Now” button on Facebook will be displayed next to the Posts in the News Feed and at the top of participating non-profit’s Pages. On click of “Donate Now” button, you can select the desired amount, enter the payment information and the donation will be processed immediately. People will also have the facility to share the non-profit’s post with friends. According to Facebook, this new feature will certainly help people to donate to the causes that are vital to them.

The button allow users to donate in fixed amounts of $10, $25, $100 or $250, via credit card, debit card or PayPal. Facebook is not charging any processing fee for credit card donations, so the entire amount will go to the non-profits. The users can also delete their credit card information after making a donation all the way through their payment account settings

In November 2013, Facebook first tested this feature when users were donating to Red Cross in the wake of powerful Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. According to the Facebook, the response was awesome as people around the world were donating generously. Any non-profit interested in participating should fill out the Donate Interest Form available in the Facebook Help Center.

It’s a nice move by Facebook to include donate feature in order to help people at the time of crisis. The initial rollout of the Facebook’s donation feature includes web version. The donate feature for mobile will be available very soon.


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